7 inspiring Australian women to follow on Instagram

7 inspiring Australian women to follow on Instagram

Let’s be honest: Instagram can be a bit of a drag sometimes.

Being constantly exposed to impossibly svelte (read: photoshopped) Instagram models and the highlight reels of other people’s lives can see us getting sucked into the all-too-familiar comparison spiral.

However, the ‘gram can also be an excellent source of inspiration. It allows us to connect directly with the amazing women who inspire us and keep up with their latest work, causes, and life updates.

And here in Australia, we have no shortage of these incredible women who we actually want to see on our feeds every day. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven inspiring Aussie women you should be following on Instagram — if you aren’t already.

1. Jessica Vander Leahy

Jessica is one of those women who just absolutely oozes good vibes. Not only is she one of Australia’s most successful curve models, but she’s a writer and the founder of Project Womankind — a movement that focuses on celebrating all women. Follow her account for body positivity, inspiring quotes, and snapshots of Jess’s fabulous life, all served up with a side of humor.

Follow @jessicavanderleahy

2. Kat John

Let’s get this out of the way: Kat is one seriously beautiful woman. But you know what? That’s actually the least interesting thing about her! The coach, meditation teacher, and inspiring speaker has an incredibly refreshing approach to her life — motivating all of us to go after what sets our soul on fire. However, our absolute favourite thing about Kat’s account is the ‘Free Your Sh*t Through Movement’ videos, where Kat (and sometimes, friends) eliminates negative energy through hilariously goofy dancing.

Follow @kat.john

3. Chloe Jane

Adelaide creative Chloe Jane’s account will inspire you in more ways than one. Firstly, it will inspire you to travel! Her account is full of stunning shots of pastel sunsets and sparkling turquoise waters that will incite a serious case of wanderlust. But we would encourage you to look beyond the stunning photos and read Chloe’s thoughtful captions, too. She’s a huge advocate for body confidence, gratitude kindness, and her positive energy is infectious!

Follow @lovechloejane


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4. Aretha Brown

Aretha Brown is only 20 years old but has already accomplished more than many people do in a lifetime. The proud Gumbaynggirr woman is an Indigenous Australian youth activist, artist, and the former Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament. On her Instagram, she shares pictures of her incredible art, activist efforts, and uber-cool personal style, and reminds us to fight for the causes we believe in.

Follow @_enterthedragon


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5. Zoe Foster-Blake

I couldn’t resist adding my own personal inspiration to this list. Zoe Foster-Blake is a former magazine editor and columnist and an author of nine books (one of which was adapted into a TV series) who now runs her own natural skincare range, Go-To (their products are seriously ah-mazing). Fun fact: she also did the same degree at the same university as me, and is married to my teenage crush Hamish Blake. Her account is an absolute must-follow for travel, beauty, business, and general #lifegoals.

Follow @zotheysay

6. Allira Potter

Allira Potter is a total boss babe and her Instagram is nothing short of inspiring. She’s a healer, psychic, meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, and life coach, truly the jack of all trades. Her vibrant feed is full of body positivity, self-love tips, and overall good vibes.

Follow @allira.potter


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7. Aj Clementine

Influencer, content creator, and trans woman Aj Clementine, is an inspirational powerhouse. She is the first trans woman to model for the likes of Bonds and VAMFF and her Instagram feed exudes acceptance, self-love, and positivity.

Follow @ajclementine_



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