SHE DEFINED is an online publication for smart, savvy women who are in search of more.

It’s for the career makers, business creators, adventure seekers, health enthusiasts and, most importantly, it’s for those who are forging their own path.

If you’ve ever challenged the status quo or thought about breaking free from conventions, then you’ve come to the right place.

SHE DEFINED is for the women who want to live an exceptional life.

It’s a destination for women who seek substance and thought-provoking discussions on meaningful issues.

If you’ve ever wanted to redefine what success means to you, wanted to find a new way of living and working, or wanted to feel confident living life on your own terms, then SHE DEFINED is for you.

Sharon Green

SHE DEFINED was co-founded by Sharon Green, a journalist and editor who has worked in mainstream media in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Forever in search of a women’s magazine that confronted the real issues faced by modern women, Sharon decided to create her own. Welcome to SHE DEFINED.

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