Is 2023 the year of the career reset?

Is 2023 the year of the career reset?

The pandemic turned the world on its head. Then, still reeling in a state of shock and uncertainty, it presented us with gifts.

Like your cat with the proverbial mouse proudly displayed at its feet, it was being charitable, guiding us on how it is done. Most of us, not attuned to universal or cat talk, swiftly rejected the messages and gifts.

With disgust and a dose of fear, we pushed the cat and pandemic back out; the door slammed sharply behind.

The cat, with its bounty and offerings, kept coming – and slowly and even gratefully, we accepted.

Embracing change, becoming more self-reflective and resilient are just some of the pandemic’s silver lining gifts.

The new year rolled by, and with renewed enthusiasm we set our annual resolutions or new year goals. If following suit, by February or March, we robe the hangover of another year of promises to ourselves.

But 2023 is different!

Armed with the boons of the pandemic, never have our resolutions been better poised to be realised. Equipped, we are eager to leap and fit for change. Knowing if COVID-19 can happen, anything can, and it has us striving for more. And the ‘more’ is something we all feel we deserve.

Already on track, workplace flexibility was key this year. Meeting the challenge, nearly four in five employers now offer more formal flexible work policies. Yet, 72 per cent of employed Australians feel unhappy at work.

Disillusioned? We shouldn’t be surprised.

According to trauma medical experts, disillusionment is the fifth stage of disaster response and recovery, with the sixth and final stage being reconstruction.

Moving through these critical stages, a career reset could be the natural choice for many of this year.

Not a seismic shift

Sometimes we put undue pressure on ourselves, or maybe we take ourselves too seriously. If you are part of the 72 per cent feeling unhappy, consider this: it may not be the job.

Yet, often, it is the reactive go-to, changing jobs and even careers. Recent research shows more than 40 per cent of employees who changed jobs felt they were better off in their previous job.

Press pause before deciding to quit your job or even change careers. Instead, in finding the work you love and being happy and successful, know yourself intimately. Use that self-reflective gift to understand the triggers relating to your happiness.

A career reset is an elixir for purpose, passion and the intrinsic feel-good rewards, a restorative job tonic. A reset captures what may be temporarily lost. The good news, while working on your career reset, other parts of your life also improve. It’s contagious!

Mirror mirror

Let’s be honest. How often have you set goals and resolutions and not achieved them? The answer for most of us would be “a lot”.

Without examining where we have been resistant to change, the cycle of resolve, relapse, and repeat continues year after year. Before putting in place your reset goals, what are the psychological obstacles that may get in the way?

Resetting your career is not a bucket list to tick off; it requires a plan and action.

We all walk around with the image of the perfect life, mirroring the dreams and desires we deeply cherish. But only the right actions can make it a reality.

Realignment of career goals

Recalling the days pre-pandemic, and it’s likely that most of our life and career goals have shifted. All that we thought was ‘normal’ was swept away.

Now, travelling on the same road and following the same map, we’re finding that we really want to be elsewhere.

So, it’s any wonder the purpose you strived for three years ago has taken a leave of absence and, with it, your motivation.

What does success look to you like now? Define it, and your purpose and motivation will voluntarily re-enlist, marching proudly, right by your side.

Gratitude before gratification

A thankful appreciation and refocus on what we get from our job realigns the reality from the distorted. Every job has its pitfalls and, equally the upside.

Being in a place of gratitude magnifies positive emotions and helps to block toxic, negative ones. That is not to discount genuine workplace grievances but to apply the balance in perspective.

Not only does it assist in better decision making, but assists in dealing with the associated stress. Fall back in love with your job!

Resetting our career guides us towards becoming the person we always wanted to be. When we spend one-third of our lives at work, our career is the significant ‘other’ relationship.

Like all important relationships in our lives, it requires work, investment, attention, boundaries, and nurturing.

The association you have with your career is no different. This year, consider a career reset as a commitment to yourself.

Roxanne Calder

This article was written by Roxanne Calder.

Roxanne is the author of Employable – 7 Attributes to Assuring Your Working Future and the founder and managing director of EST10, one of Sydney’s most successful administration recruitment agencies.

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