Women in business: Meet Rebekah Turner, owner of Wandering Moon The Label

Meet Rebekah Turner, director of fashion brand Wandering Moon The Label

Rebekah Turner, owner of fashion brand Wandering Moon The Label.

When Rebekah Turner started her own fashion label, she knew from the outset that she wanted to create a collection that was sustainable and versatile.

Her boutique fashion brand Wandering Moon The Label launched in late 2021 with five garments: a printed maxi skirt, a printed fluted sleeve crop top, a printed button-down dress, an organic cotton tee and denim shorts.

“I wanted to create versatility in the collection, where pieces can be mixed and matched. It means you don’t have to buy as much and you get pieces that support your existing wardrobe,” she said.

The button-down maxi dress is designed to slip on over the head for ease in getting the garment on and off, and it can also be unbuttoned and worn as a duster kaftan over the tee and denim shorts.

The fluted sleeve crop top is probably the most versatile piece in the collection because it can be worn several different ways – in a bow, tied in a knot, twisted at the front and tied at the back, threaded through a loop, cross-wrapped, and worn over a singlet, slip or crop bra for more modest coverage.

The organic cotton tee with the ‘Spirited Lioness’ print is made from soft organic cotton that is breathable and feels comfortable on the skin.

The maxi skirt and the denim shorts can be paired with the crop top or the organic cotton tee, making the entire collection truly multi-purpose.

Meet Rebekah Turner, director of fashion brand Wandering Moon The Label

Turner said the versatility of the garments “aligned with the label’s sustainability angle”. Most of the products in the range are either made from sustainably sourced fabrics or organic fabrics.

The maxi skirt, crop top and dress all use the same graphic printed fabric, to keep the collection cohesive, which is made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ – an environmentally friendly viscose that is derived from wood pulp and is 100 per cent certified sustainable FSC forestry with yarn traceability.

“It is a closed loop production process to make the yarn, meaning anything used is used again and nothing is discarded. They also clean the water used in the production of the yarn before returning it to nature. And up to 50 per cent less water and CO2 is used compared to normal viscose,” Turner said.

“For the organic cotton tee, it was important to source organic cotton. The production of organic cotton uses less water, less energy and is better for the soil and farmers compared to regular cotton.”

Turner admits that making her fashion collection sustainable was a decision she made to be commercially competitive while also aligning with her personal ethics.

“A lot of my competitors are using eco fabrics so I needed to remain competitive. But morally, it also sat well with me,” said Turner.

“I think there are so many areas of sustainability – quality is sustainability, using eco-friendly fabrics and circular fabrics is sustainable, and versatility is sustainable. And I’ve tried to incorporate all of these aspects into the collection.”

Wandering Moon The Label
Wandering Moon The Label
Wandering Moon The Label

Launching Wandering Moon The Label

Described as a “bohemian, retro-inspired” clothing collection, Wandering Moon The Label will appeal to women wanting to wear garments that have a connection to nature, colour and freedom of expression.

Turner launched the fashion label in November 2021 in Melbourne, Australia after more than a year of background planning and production.

The name for the label was inspired by Turner’s passion for travelling and finding inspiration from different places while incorporating her interest in astrology, both of which tied into the bohemian aesthetic of the brand.

Turner brings more than a decade of fashion design experience to her own label, having worked in the industry in various roles as a designer and garment technician. Wandering Moon The Label is designed in Australia and manufactured in Indonesia.

Now in the marketing and selling phase of her business, Turner has been working with influencers and collaborating with other like-minded brands to generate brand awareness for her fashion label.

Connecting with other designers or complementary businesses in the same space has been valuable for finding a support network, said Turner.

“It has been really useful to talk with and bounce off other people… and hear that they had similar thoughts or experiences. Plus, you’ve all got different skills and knowledge that you can share,” she said.

Meet Rebekah Turner, director of fashion brand Wandering Moon The Label

A fashion label to inspire

When creating Wandering Moon The Label, Turner ultimately wanted to create a fashion collection that would connect with the people wearing the garments.

“Having a background in fashion, I found myself working for large retailers who were so focused on commerciality and really didn’t end up connecting with the customer anymore, in terms of the excitement and feeling that the customer might want. There was a lot of analytics, numbers and money making at the end of the day, but it was really missing the connection to what the customer wants, what they want to buy and what’s exciting,” said Turner.

“So, I really wanted to create a label that was small, and I was very interested in vintage and retro and graphic prints. I wanted to go down the path of something that was artistic and something that represented my soul, and also something that my customers could really connect with.”

For people who wear Wandering Moon The Label, Turner wants them to embrace the bohemian style and everything the label embodies.

“I always come back to the concept that fashion is one of the only forms of art that we can wear on our bodies, so I really want people to be able to connect with and feel good in the clothing,” she said.


To learn more about Wandering Moon The Label and to shop the range, visit the website.

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