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Carrot cake recipe for Easter

Classic carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Deliciously moist and lightly spiced, this carrot cake will become your go-to for afternoon teas, picnics, and lunchbox treats.

Recipe: 3 spooky Halloween treats

3 spooky treats for Halloween

These cute and creepy treats are sure to make this Halloween one to remember – we can feel it in our bones!

Study shows eating excess sugar leads to Alzheimer's

Excess sugar in your diet could result in this devastating disease

A new study has revealed that excessive sugar consumption increases the risk of developing cognitive conditions later in life.

Chocolate mousse for Easter

Decadent chocolate mousse

With a soft and fluffy texture, this chocolate mousse is a winning number for special occasions or when you simply want a sweet after-dinner treat.

Cookie recipe: Great grandma's shortbread biscuits

Great-grandma’s shortbread biscuits

With a buttery flavour and a crisp, melt-in-your-mouth texture, these shortbread biscuits are an absolute treat.

Raspberry, cashew and coconut bliss balls

Raspberry, cashew and coconut bliss balls

If you're looking to make a healthy yet sweet and satisfying snack, you've got to try these raspberry, cashew and coconut bliss balls.

Christmas cookies: 3 festive biscuits to inspire your holiday baking

Spiced gingerbread biscuits

Combining a sweet and buttery flavour, along with mild and zesty ginger, these spiced gingerbread biscuits make for a satisfying treat.

Vegan zesty lemon loaf

Vegan zesty lemon loaf

For a cake that is fluffy, zingy and satisfyingly sweet, you've got to try this vegan zesty lemon loaf.

Warming chickpea coconut curry - SHE DEFINED

Warming chickpea coconut curry

This simple and quick curry can be made from pantry staples and is a go-to for a satisfying mid-week meal. Get the recipe here.