Adrenal cocktails fight fatigue: myth or fact?

Adrenal cocktails fight fatigue: myth or fact?

The concept of curing diseases with nutrition is nothing new — since ancient times, people have been told to eat healthily to prevent diseases. Recently, some have been raving about adrenal cocktails as a nutritional treatment for fatigue.

Undoubtedly, an adrenal cocktail benefits health since it’s a nutritious drink, but can it restore the normal function of the adrenal glands?

Learn the myths and facts surrounding this popular drink.

The link between adrenal function and fatigue

Adrenal glands — or suprarenal glands — are a couple of triangular-shaped organs located on top of both kidneys. They produce hormones that assist the body in regulating the immune system, metabolism, blood pressure and stress response.

The adrenal glands work with other systems and organs to moderate these processes effectively. Since these glands make a variety of hormones for survival, people thought they could get overwhelmed due to chronic stress, leading to the insufficient production of certain hormones.

The term adrenal fatigue is not a medical diagnosis but a lay term describing the various symptoms associated with ‘adrenal insufficiency’. These include nervousness, sleep troubles, digestive issues and body aches.

Doctors diagnose a person with adrenal insufficiency if the adrenal glands fail to produce one or more of the hormones adequately due to an underlying condition or surgery.

The symptoms of this condition overlap with those of adrenal fatigue and include: 

  • Body aches
  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of body hair
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Lightheadedness
  • Hyperpigmentation

 When people say they’re experiencing adrenal fatigue, they may be referring to the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency.

Adrenal cocktail benefits for health

With people’s growing interest in natural remedies, one emerging option to solve issues with adrenal glands is adrenal cocktails. Many believe it can help fight fatigue and promote the health of their glands.

The cocktail consists of orange juice with vitamin C, sea salt rich in sodium, and coconut water, which is loaded with potassium. Others add cream of tartar, collagen powder or magnesium powder to boost the benefits.

People who drink this mix believe it can restore the proper functioning of adrenal glands, but no sufficient evidence can prove this. So what are the myths and facts about adrenal cocktails? 

The myths

Here are some myths about adrenal cocktails:

Myth 1: Adrenal cocktails heal the adrenal glands

There’s no science validating the effectiveness of adrenal cocktails. However, the healthful compounds like vitamin C and potassium found in the drink are a great source of nutritional gain.

The potent antioxidant power of vitamin C in orange juice can help strengthen immunity and reduce your vulnerability to infections. Still, nothing has proven consuming an adrenal cocktail benefits the adrenal glands directly to trigger healing.

Myth 2: Adrenal cocktails can relieve adrenal fatigue

Drinking adrenal cocktails alone is not enough to combat the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. While there’s no doubt it contains nutritional ingredients, it’s comparable to other healthy beverages, such as a fruit smoothie.

The vitamins and minerals in the drink — as with other healthy beverages — can help boost your immune system to fight the signs of stress and fatigue.

Myth 3: Adrenal cocktails are good for everyone

It’s rare, but some people can get an upset stomach or rash from drinking coconut water or milk. Moreover, people sensitive to salt may not find adrenal cocktails suitable. Before incorporating it into your diet, consult your doctor to know if it’s safe.

The facts

Health experts have yet to look into the benefits of the adrenal cocktail, but here are some facts to consider:

Fact 1: Adrenal cocktails can provide nutrition

The drink contains vitamin C, potassium and sodium — all are essential nutrients supporting overall energy levels and health. Of the three ingredients, the sodium from salt is often associated with adverse health outcomes. Still, it’s an essential nutrient that helps maintain plasma volume, electrolyte balance and normal cell function.

The guideline for adequate sodium intake is 1500mg — about two-thirds of a teaspoon. Unfortunately, most people consume about 3400mg of sodium daily, resulting in detrimental health effects. If you get unpleasant symptoms from drinking an adrenal cocktail, check if you’re adding too much salt.

Fact 2: Adrenal cocktails can hydrate the body

Sometimes, fatigue, headache, dizziness and muscle cramps can be due to dehydration, so a glass of adrenal cocktails containing fresh orange juice and coconut water can be refreshing and rehydrating.

Proper hydration is crucial for overall health. Increasing your bodily fluids through a glass of adrenal cocktail benefits the symptoms that may be linked to adrenal fatigue.

Fact 3: Adrenal cocktails can contribute to a healthy diet

Adrenal cocktails provide additional nutrition to the body, but remember to incorporate a wide range of fruits and vegetables to achieve a balanced diet. Get your vitamin C from cantaloupe, kale or kiwi, or try other health drinks to ensure your body gets nutrients from various sources.

Adrenal cocktails can help fight fatigue

Drinking an adrenal cocktail benefits your immune system, but a holistic approach to your diet is essential to achieve optimum health.

Besides the food and drinks you consume, lifestyle changes like adequate sleep, exercise, and stress management contribute to healthier adrenal glands and overall wellbeing.

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