The rising popularity of mocktails, plus 5 mocktail recipes to try

The rising popularity of mocktails

Mocktails are alcohol-free versions of cocktails.

While that may not sound appealing to everyone, it means you get all the flavour of a traditional cocktail without all the drawbacks of alcohol.

Mocktails have exploded in popularity lately, and for a good reason – they might just be better than the classic cocktail.

Aim to try some yummy mocktails and you can decide for yourself what you think about them.

Reasons why mocktails are delicious drink options

With more restaurants and bars starting to offer mocktails, people can find these tasty non-alcoholic drinks more accessible than ever.

Mocktails have enjoyed a rise in popularity, and they may continue to enjoy the spotlight as people realise their benefits.

Here are just a few reasons you should enjoy mocktails year-round and why they’ve made such a splash in society.

1. Greater knowledge of alcohol

 As people learn more about how alcohol affects the body and mind, they may start to abstain from it.

Since many people focus on wellness and their wellbeing, they may step away from alcohol in an attempt to improve their physical and mental health conditions.

Alcohol can have long-term effects on the brain, which can upset the brain’s equilibrium and cause it to restructure how it works to accommodate the alcohol.

Knowing these changes and other ways alcohol affects people, they have started to shift more toward mocktails.

 2. More experimental drinks

Mocktails challenge bartenders to make new flavours and drinks without alcohol. It can be fun to come up with new flavor combinations, including adding garnishes that make a drink pop.

Whether you’re an experienced bartender or someone who likes mixing drinks at home, you may find that you enjoy being more creative and finding ways to build drinks that delight everyone.

 3. Mocktails are inclusive

 How much a person drinks largely depends on their age group, but about 14 per cent of Millennials drink several times a week.

Some people may feel pressured to drink, but that’s where mocktails are a great option. They can take off some of the pressure and ensure people who can’t or don’t want to drink can still feel included.

 People might abstain from drinking for several reasons, including:

  • Recovery
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical conditions or medications
  • Religious beliefs
  • Personal preferences.

 Those who are sober curious are people who might consider going sober if they knew non-alcoholic drinks could be just as tasty.

Moderate drinking is defined as either one or two drinks per day, depending on your gender. Anything more than that might lead to binge drinking or a problem with addiction.

Mocktails allow people to drink delicious beverages without worrying about how the alcohol will affect them.

Watermelon margarita

5 fun mocktail recipes to try

Alcohol can be extremely pricey and eat up a chunk of your budget at any event if you’re not careful.

Sometimes, mocktails are the most affordable option and the best option to give a crowd you want to accommodate. Plus, mocktails can taste sweet or sour with ingredients almost everyone can have.

Here are some delicious mocktail recipes you should try out at your next gathering.

1. Summer cucumber mocktail

This summer cucumber mocktail recipe is great and refreshing if you want summer flavours but aren’t fond of berries.

The cucumber and honey make this recipe taste divine, and it’s easy to make in a blender. Just pour in some club soda, and you have a delicious drink that will make you feel refreshed on even the hottest days of summer.

2. Blackberry mocktail

This blackberry mocktail recipe makes the most of refreshing blackberries, which you may be able to find everywhere during the summer.

This recipe is easy to make in about 15 minutes, and the blackberry and mint garnish will make it delightful to look at and sample. The honey adds a sweetness that will balance out the tartness of the blackberries well.

3. Summer cup mocktail

This summer cup mocktail recipe features lemonade, making it a delicious treat for anyone who enjoys the tart lemon flavor with the sweetness of berries and the cooling splash of cucumber.

Every flavour mixes to explode into a unique taste that will keep you returning for seconds.

4. Virgin watermelon mint margarita

For this virgin watermelon mint margarita, you just need to blend watermelon, then add ingredients like lime juice and agave. You can add extra sugar to the rim of your glass or garnish it with mint to add even more flavor.

This mocktail would be great for anybody who enjoys a refreshing drink. 

5. Easy non-alcoholic mulled wine

There are mocktails suited to the cooler months, including this easy non-alcoholic mulled wine which is perfect for those chilly nights.

Combining warming spices of cinnamon and star anise, as well as a hint of citrus against the sweetness of pomegranate and cranberry juice, it combines all the flavours you know and love in a mulled wine.

Find your new favourite mocktail

You have plenty of time to try a variety of flavours to find your favorite mocktail. You can enjoy the flavours of summer, then find recipes to try out for the autumn and winter.

Following seasonal mocktail recipes ensures you’ll always have something good to try out for the right time of year.

If you’ve bene looking looking for a sign to try non-alcoholic versions of your favorite drinks, this is it. Jump on the wave and discover your favourite mocktail today.

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