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‘Alternative travel guide’ In Her Footsteps honours trailblazing women

In Her Footsteps by Lonely Planet book cover

A new book described as “an alternative travel guide to the world” documents the impact of more than 200 inspiring women from all walks of life and celebrates their legacy.

In Her Footsteps, published by Lonely Planet, focuses on where inspiring women have changed the world and acts as a travel guide to places where female activists, artists, pathbreakers and icons have studied, lived, worked, reigned and explored.

Released ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, In Her Footsteps allows readers to journey to the heart of women’s activism, history and creativity through the ages.

Lonely Planet spokesperson Laura Hamilton said In Her Footsteps celebrates the contributions of trailblazing women.

“It’s a collection of worldwide landmarks (large and small, obvious and hidden) that are dedicated to great women, as well as spaces where they have gone about their life’s work,” she said.

‘Alternative travel guide’ In Her Footsteps honours trailblazing women

Drop by the Parisian cafe where feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote many of her controversial texts, or journey to Savitribai Phule Pune University in India, named after the country’s first female teacher.

The book features household names (Florence Nightingale and Malala Yousafzai), to those lesser-known (Abbakka Chowta), heroes of the past (Queen Seondeok) and current-day leaders of their fields (Greta Thunberg),

For those seeking extra inspiration, In Her Footsteps also highlights the world’s best feminist bookstores, sites for goddess worship, stories of female pirates and their favourite haunts, and queer pioneers who were well ahead of their time.

Some of the Australian women profiled in the book include writer and feminist Miles Franklin, pilot Nancy Bird Walton, and athlete Cathy Freeman.

‘Alternative travel guide’ In Her Footsteps honours trailblazing women

Ms Hamilton said by detailing the impact made by these exceptional women from all walks of life, the book offers a trail for travellers who want to be inspired by what’s possible when you won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Whether you use the book to pay tribute to your feminist heroes whilst on your travels, or delve into their fascinating stories from the comfort of your armchair, we want readers to be emboldened to follow their own path in life,” she said.

Ms Hamilton said it was important to have a book like this out in the world, and as part of Lonely Planet’s collection, because women’s stories need to be told.

“The history of the world is filled with the names of men, and their stories are generally easy to find. The landmarks of female achievement, on the other hand, are often not so obvious – and Lonely Planet decided that needed to change,” she said.

“If you look a little closer, there are monuments to famous and not-so-famous female educators, artists, activists, warriors and more all over the globe who have changed the course of history and left an unmistakable imprint on the world. So, here’s the book to help you find them!”

Purchase a copy of In Her Footsteps here.

Sharon Green, editor

Sharon Green

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