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How Parramatta Criminal Lawyers can help with domestic violence cases

How Parramatta Criminal Lawyers Can Help With Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence charges in Sydney and the whole of Australia are taken very seriously.

Expect some extreme criminal penalties that may change your life forever if you’re convicted of having behaved abusively or violently toward your partner or spouse. However, everyone has the right to receive a robust defence and a fair trial, no matter how grim the pressed charges are.

Hiring a domestic violence lawyer to fight the case on your behalf becomes more urgent if you’re innocent of any or all the charges brought before you.

Working with a Parramatta criminal attorney is the best way for you to clear your name and mount a vigorous case. How do Parramatta criminal lawyers help with domestic violence cases?

They help by doing the following:

1. Criminal Lawyers in Parramatta stop defendants from incriminating themselves

As you probably already know, anything you say or do can and will be used in a court of law against you. That’s why instead of helping yourself, you could be giving police officers reasons to charge you by calmly answering their questions.

During police interrogations, domestic violence attorneys from Sydney Criminal Lawyers or other law firms will protect you; you never know how prosecutors or the police themselves might twist your words.

2. Criminal Lawyers In Parramatta fight for the charges against clients to be dropped

Fighting for the domestic violence charges to be dropped is one of the first steps a Parramatta criminal defence lawyer takes. They can move to dismiss the charges based on a violation of your rights or on a lack of compelling evidence if prosecutors choose to bring the case to the court.

Also, the court may accept that the crime committed was a result of self-defence if there was sufficient evidence that the actions were reasonable in the circumstances. For instance, battered women who may have committed a crime in self-defence may be acquitted by the court if the crime was found to be reasonable.

Gender inequality may still be present in Australia and violence against women still abounds, but the law is fair and just.

3. Criminal Lawyers In Parramatta procure all necessary evidence and statements to help defendants

When it comes to the necessary evidence and witness statements that will help build a defendant’s case, a criminal attorney in Parramatta is better able to procure them. If speaking openly, witnesses may fear for their own safety.

However, discussions with a Parramatta criminal defence attorney can help alleviate the fears. As a result, they won’t have problems providing the testimony needed to help clear your case.

4. Criminal Lawyers In Parramatta develop a strong defence for clients

Parramatta criminal attorneys will go over your current situation and explain your options if the domestic violence case against you is moving forward.

They’ll also discuss your trial’s likely outcome candidly. Your Parramatta domestic violence lawyer will also go over a conviction’s potential consequences with you. In defending you at trial, they’ll fight for your case’s best possible outcome by developing a strong defence.

5. Criminal Lawyers In Parramatta defend against a restraining order

If you’re familiar with a restraining order, you know that it will prohibit you from carrying out one or more particular actions. The ability to see your children could be affected.

It could even force you out of your own home. As a result, living your ordinary life becomes difficult. It’s particularly true if you work or live within 50-100 yards of the accuser or protected individual.

Call a criminal defence lawyer right away if you know that your accuser actively seeks a restraining order.

6. Criminal Lawyers In Parramatta negotiate ‘deals’ or ‘plea bargains’

A Parramatta domestic violence attorney will help in negotiating a ‘plea bargain’ or ‘deal’ with the prosecutor for you to get a reduced sentence. They may be able to negotiate a rehabilitation program or lesser time served if the court of law finds you guilty.

You’ll know about the best way to go to reduce your sentence as your criminal defence lawyer discusses your case with you.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re accused of domestic violence or a victim of one in Sydney, having experienced legal counsel best serves your needs and interests.

Always keep in mind that the police and prosecutors aren’t there to protect or help you. Each of them has their own goals. You need a Parramatta criminal lawyer to fight for what you deserve under the law.

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This article was made possible thanks to Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Learn more about their services and their Parramatta office here.