4 celebrity engagement ring trends for 2022

4 celebrity engagement ring trends for 2022

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Celebrities – you either hate them, or you love them. But admittedly, you know that the trends they start or rave about are almost worth following.

From their fashion picks to their taste in music, wedding themes and even baby gender reveals – celebrities do it, and people follow suit.

The same goes for engagement ring trends. Several celebrity engagements took place this year, each featuring distinctive rings that complemented the particular tastes and personalities of the engaged couples.

The hottest trends to steal in 2022

Several celebrities, including Sofia Richie, Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox, have announced their engagements thus far in 2022. They documented their joy on their social media platforms.

If you’re about to propose or feel like your other half is soon to pop the magic question, you might want to consider some celebrity engagement ring trends that are taking the internet by storm.

There are the trends to look out for:

1. Coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are the trend to steal if you prefer something a little less conventional yet still with dazzling glitter and sparkle. They’re a very popular option at Sydney jeweller Varoujan.

These engagement rings represent the newest jewellery fashion trend. Coloured diamonds come in various sizes and forms, and the colour’s saturation and distribution primarily determine their value. You can read more about the different styles in this engagement ring guide.

Coloured stones are so fashionably in style this year, allowing you to choose something eye-catching and vibrant to symbolise your love story. Some options you have include sapphire, morganite, and emerald, aside from the ever-timeless diamond stone.

Take, for example, the stunning collection of Dracakis Engagement Rings that feature vibrant and rare Australian Argyle yellow and pink diamonds. These rings beautifully follow the trend of coloured diamonds in engagement rings that some celebrities have popularised this year.

Of course, depending on your preference, you can customise the stone’s colour, cut and clarity. Cue Jennifer Lopez and her green diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Talk about uniqueness and rarity!

2. Oval diamonds

Another trend that seems to boom in popularity is the oval-shaped diamond trend.

This year we’ll most likely continue seeing this design among celebrities. And why not? The oblong shape is delicate enough to highlight the hand of anyone wearing the ring while also making the fingers appear longer and slimmer.

Some celebrities rocking this engagement ring trend are Simone Biles, Hayley Bieber, and the one and only Kourtney K. This only proves that the oval cut is having its moment, and it’s a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

4 celebrity engagement ring trends for 2022

3. Two-stone diamond rings

Sometimes, one stone isn’t enough, and that’s perfectly okay. If you feel like having two stones in your engagement ring is what you need to celebrate the engagement, then go for it.

The two-stone setting is popularly known as the ‘Toi et Moi’ design, which in French means ‘you and me’. Through this design, couples can celebrate their love and union through the gemstones positioned next to one another.

Take it from Megan Fox’s unique engagement ring that rapper Machine Gun Kelly designed especially for her. The ring boasts two sizable pear-shaped stones that represent their birthstones – an emerald for Megan and a diamond for her beau. And as if the uniqueness isn’t enough, the rapper also had the ring set on a band adorned with thorns.

4. Double band engagement rings

If it isn’t that obvious yet, this year is all about uniqueness and adding a personal touch to engagement rings. Celebrities indeed do it best, with their designs making waves all over the internet.

Although you can’t exactly copy the same style they have (because of the price tag, among other reasons), you can at least get a similar version by looking into the different elements that incorporate their rings.

One way you can do that is by going for the double band trend that shifts away from the conventional halo or solitaire style. Double band engagement rings are an evolution of the stacking bands trend that features a centre stone that appears to be floating between the two bands. And if you’re wondering which celebrity is rocking this trend at the moment, just look at Sophie Turner’s engagement ring from Joe Jonas.

If you don’t feel like wearing two rings after the wedding, the double band style can function as both your wedding band and engagement ring. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. Or, if you like the idea of stacking bands, a double band engagement ring can be an excellent way to start.

The bottom line

An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, whether you shop with your future spouse or leave it in their capable hands.

More than following the trend, what matters the most is choosing a ring that best defines your personality. If any of these celebrity engagement ring trends have caught your interest, why not go for it?

Dracakis Jewellers

This article was made possible thanks to Dracakis Jewellers, one of Sydney’s leading destinations for luxurious fine jewellery.

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