6 main reasons to have leather wallets

6 main reasons to have leather wallets

Love it or hate it, there’s no argument about the number of things that leather does perfectly.

One such thing is helping you carry your money, credit cards, business cards, driver’s permit, and other everyday essentials in the form of the ubiquitous wallet.

A reliable accessory, leather wallets are easy to carry around in your trousers or jacket pocket while being accommodating and easily accessible.

Leather is an obvious choice for wallets – a material you’ve relied on in shoes, clothing, furniture, and even phone cases. It’s a natural, sustainable resource that’s soft, durable, and unique, and comes in various colours or finishes.

As far as the attributes you’re looking for in a wallet are concerned, little else can outdo leather, either in quality or flexibility for designer crafting.

What are the benefits associated with using leather wallets?

Men’s wallets are usually pocket-sized, found in a money clip, checkbook, and bi or tri-fold design.

The average wallet has dimensions of 3.25 inch L x 0.75-inch W x 4.25-inch H, featuring credit card slots and slide pouches. Many of these accessories have compartments for holding bills, coin pockets, and hidden storage niches with zippered securing. 

If leather is the main material of your wallet, coins, bills, or cards won’t fall out when you’re taking it in and out of your pocket. Designer brands offer handmade varieties that are supple, slim, and tanned using natural plant dyes. Australian production leather wallets are one of the best choices if you are a leather wallet lover.

Here are 6 main reasons to have leather wallets:

1. Long-lasting

Leather has been in use since early man first discovered its potential and can outlast many natural or synthetic materials.

When other materials are starting to chip and break, original leather wallets are being passed down generations. All leather requires is breathing space and the right moisture content, and it can sit for centuries. This material will take heat, wet, dirt, or cold and remain soft and supple.

A wallet that’s made of leather isn’t susceptible to fungal or mite attacks due to its natural water-resistant properties.

2. Utility functionality

A leather wallet has no mechanisms or levers to work, just the standard slots for cash, cards, and maybe a clear window for your driving permit or ID.

Due to leather’s malleability, you can manoeuver around your wallet’s interior for items without hindrance. You can’t say the same for plastic, denim, metal, or carbon fiber materials.

Leather also has visual appeal, matching any outfit, which is integral in fashion. Even a worn-out but intact leather wallet is endearing and elevated in its aesthetics.

3. Cleaning and maintenance

Full-grain leather needs cleaning and conditioning if your wallet is to see the number of days its maker intended.

Being a natural material, leather wallets can be put to versatile use with the least tender care. It’s also easy to repair your wallet that’s ripped or had the seams come apart, while torn internal fabric linings can be replaced.

With the use of a soft brush, a little white vinegar and water solution will remove any dirt and grime. When you aren’t using your leather wallet, leave it in a storage box to keep the material from drying and fading.

Treating the leather with coconut oil ensures that your wallet stays burnished and has a protective waterproof layer for extra durability.

4. Texture of leather

There’s nothing like sitting on a freshly unwrapped leather sofa or car seat, and the same applies to handling your new leather wallet.

A tanned leather billfold has smooth buttery suppleness that can’t be replicated by other pouch materials. As it ages, the texture improves, and your leather wallet is able to slide in and out of your pocket countless times for years without considerable loss of patina.

5. Affordability

Due to the leather being a commonplace item, wallets made from this material aren’t usually overpriced.

An inexpensive billfold will cost less than $50, offering value for money as it’s bound to stay with you for ages. Real leather isn’t a luxury item, but premium wallets made from this authentic material are worth every penny.

6. Design flexibility

From animal skin combinations to hand-crafted varieties that speak of elegance and style, leather wallets have practically endless style options.

Your leather bi or tri-fold wallet can be simple and clean, or it can be made exclusively to suit your unique personality. Leather wallets that are engraved and monogrammed for further customisation will go well with any outfit as a stamp of fine taste.

A leather wallet is a perfect companion, anywhere.  It’s a material that is always in fashion, and a leather wallet is a perfect gift for any age group from children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

Leather is also natural, toxic-free, and eco-friendly as it is biodegradable. A wallet in this material is the perfect stylish and functional accessory, no matter the occasion.