8 engagement ring trends you need to know for 2022 

8 engagement ring trends you need to know for 2022


This article was made possible thanks to Anania Family Jewellers, a Sydney-based jeweller that specialises in custom engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Whether you’re a man looking to propose to your beloved half or a woman who’s on the lookout for the most beautiful engagement rings this year, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

The jewellery industry comes with changing trends, just like other societal sectors. And it’s invaluable to know what ring styles are in for 2022. 

In the past, engagement ring designs were more limited and restricted to single-stone or solitaire designs. Nowadays, there are more diverse styles with multiple colors and stones to enjoy.

Check out these engagement ring designs that are trending this year: 

1. Minimalist band ring

While there are brides that prefer maximalist and chunkier rings, there are also some who want dainty and minimalist band rings for their engagement rings. If your bride has long and thin fingers, this is a suitable ring design for them.  

People are seeking minimalist bands because they want the feature stone to stand out on its own.

The minimalist band can come in different metal options depending on your bride’s preference. To view options, you can check out online jewellery stores, such as Anania’s Engagement Rings

2. Gender-neutral engagement ring

Much like the other fashion trends, there’s increasing popularity for gender-neutral jewellery too.

Nowadays, modern brides appreciate gender-fluid engagement ring designs. These are usually chunkier, and the band is thicker than the conventional solitaire engagement ring. This is a good fit for women who want something different and unique. 

Women increasingly gravitate toward bolder, chunkier engagement rings that are more traditionally associated with men’s fashion. These rings can look great on any man or woman’s ring finger.

A gender-neutral engagement ring is best for those seeking a ring that is understated yet still stylish.

3. Eternity band ring

Eternity rings are not new designs in the jewellery industry. However, it has recently become a more popular pick for engagement rings.

In the past, people may have gifted a diamond eternity ring to mark a milestone, such as a first anniversary. This is because it symbolises commitment and non-ending love. For the same reasons, many grooms surprise their soon-to-be-wife with the same design but as an engagement ring.  

The eternity band symbolises a person’s ultimate commitment to their significant other. The full circle of the band is usually crafted with stones, signifying no beginning and no end. Most couples enjoy the symbolism behind an eternity band. 

4. Oval diamond engagement ring

Pear and round diamond rings have always been in style. And this year, many brides are opting for ovals.

Ovals are unique and stand out on the hand. Oval solitaires are among the top choices for engagement rings this year. What’s not to love about them? They are lovely and can be seen from a great distance due to their radiance and sparkle.  

8 engagement ring trends you need to know for 2022

5. Vintage inspired classic ring

Many brides love rocking that vintage-inspired classic engagement ring on their ring fingers. These ring designs mimic those of heirlooms that have been passed down for generations.

Vintage features make the engagement ring look unique and one-of-a-kind. If you check around different jewellery stores, you’ll find several vintage-inspired ring designs that give you that heirloom design and feel.   

6. Lab-grown diamond ring

The use of lab-grown diamonds is also joining the trend for engagement ring designs this 2022.

Some couples think it’s more practical and sustainable to go for lab-grown diamonds than mined ones. This also translates to a luxury that’s more affordable and attainable.

Similar to genuine diamonds, lab-grown diamond engagement rings come in various designs and styles which you can choose from.  

7. Coloured gemstones

Coloured gemstones are stealing the spotlight this year as more couples go for them than transparent diamonds. Men can find the perfect gemstone for their bride, which can have a symbolic meaning. It can represent the meaning of the colour or their birthstone.  

Many women can pull off wearing coloured gemstone rings daily. They can even wear it on special occasions or when they style up for parties. The idea is to observe what kind of gemstone or colour stone they prefer and ensure it suits their skin tone and personal preference.  

8. Timeless solitaire ring

This timeless ring is classic and elegant and will fit any bride, no matter what ring style they prefer.

Regardless of the season and generation, solitaires are a crowd favorite. They come with one centre diamond in the middle, which also serves as the primary focus.  

There is no distraction from the diamond in the centre, only the pure beauty of the metal band. The solitaire ring can have different cuts, clarity, and carats. Moreover, there are many variations you can choose from that can accommodate your budget.  

Every bride deserves a beautiful engagement ring that will make her look and feel attractive. Hopefully, you can choose one from the list of the different engagement ring design trends above. The key is to find something that complements her style and personality.


This article was made possible thanks to Anania Family Jewellers, a Sydney-based jeweller that specialises in custom engagement rings and wedding bands.

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