Artificial house plants that look just like the real thing

Artificial house plants that look just like the real thing

It seems we’re perfectly capable of holding down a job, paying our bills on time and even remembering to switch off the hair straightener before leaving the house. But keeping our indoor plants alive? That’s one adult responsibility a lot of us haven’t quite mastered yet.

If you, like us, love the idea of incorporating a bit of greenery into your living space but can’t seem to get the watering schedule down pat or you’re simply not one to give plants constant love and affection, there is a solution.

Artificial plants that look as good as the real deal are a great way to give your home a splash of foliage without the constant upkeep. (But if you are still looking to own real indoor plants, check out Peperomia varieties: 12 common and rare Peperomia types they are much easier to maintain than most).

When it comes to artificial house plants, we’re not talking about cheap-looking flowers or vegetation from a discount store – think delicate silk blooms, lifelike leaves, realistic shrubs and convincing cuttings.

When selected carefully, artificial plants can perfectly replicate the look and feel of the real thing.

Here are some great faux plants that require zero attention but will give your home that finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

Pretty palm leaf

Pretty palm leaf

This palm leaf branch, with its sturdy stem and feathery leaves, will add instant drama to your living space. Display it in an empty vase or mix it into a full arrangement. The best part? It will look fresh year-round.

Faux Palm Leaf Branch, West Elm.

Faux Potted Jade

Synthetic succulent

The thick, smooth leaves of this faux jade plant will add a contemporary look to your kitchen windowsill or make a contrasting addition to other foliage in your home. The simple ceramic pot gives this succulent a rustic finish.

Faux Potted Jade, Pottery Barn.

Artificial Anthurium Plant

Lavish leaves

For a potted plant with an abundance of leaves, opt for this artificial Anthurium. The rich green leaves and white ceramic pot will bring a fresh look to your home.

Artificial Anthurium Plant, Kmart.


Imitation orchid

Looking to add a delicate flowering plant to your home? This artificial orchid plant with three branches could do the trick. The cement vase gives this plant an earthy and solid foundation, nicely contrasting with the soft petals.

Artificial Phaelaenopsis Orchid, Wheel&Barrow.

Convincing cactus

Convincing cactus

A cactus plant makes a great statement and can bring a dull corner of a room to life. This faux three-finger cacti adopts the true characteristics of a cactus – thick stems, vivid green colour and prickly spines (also known as thorns).

3 Finger Cactii in Pot, Adairs.

Country Charm, price varies, Koch & Co.

Stunning centrepiece

Mix and match an assortment of high-quality silk flowers and faux foliage to create a stunning centrepiece for your dining table or coffee table. This Country Charm arrangement from Koch & Co incorporates soft peachy pink and white hydrangeas, peonies and roses with draped greenery.

Country Charm, Koch & Co.