How to style women’s knitwear

How to style women's knitwear

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With the cold weather rolling around, it’s time to put away your favourite sundresses and break out your trusty knitwear.

From knitwear dresses and sweaters to knit jumpers and tops, you’re spoiled for choice at Ally Fashion when it comes to stocking up your winter wardrobe.

Discover a huge range of colours too, from neutral colours like black, white, and beige to bright colours like orange, pink and green, and even a mix of both with block colours.

But if you’re wondering how to style these pieces, so you can not only be warm but also stylish in the cooler months, then this style guide is for you!

Knit sweaters

Let’s start with one of the most classic knits out there: the knit sweater.

Aside from being a closet classic, women’s jumpers are super soft and versatile. Easily style them with any of your favourite bottoms like denim jeans and skirts.

Balance out the oversized silhouette of a chunky sweater by styling it with form-fitting pants such as skinny jeans, leggings, or faux leather pants. Or get a more sophisticated feel with a pencil skirt.

Knit dresses

If you’re looking for a go-to piece in the cold months, it’s the knit dress!

Whether you choose a turtleneck, V-neck or long sleeve design, you can never go wrong. Perfect for cold days, knit dresses can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Match your knit dress with sneakers and a denim jacket for a look that’s perfect for everyday wear. Or elevate your look by cinching the waist with a belt and rocking knee-high boots and statement jewellery.

Ally Fashion knit dress

Image: Ally Fashion.

Knit tops

For something lighter, knit tops are a great option for sunny winter days or wearing under heavier layers.

Ranging from crochet and ribbed tops to chunky knit and long sleeve, there’s a wide array of knitted tops to choose from.

Pair them with black jeans or tailored trousers and a blazer for a polished look or wear them with a matching knit skirt for a feminine and co-ordinated outfit. Then, opt for a statement necklace or earrings to add some sparkle to your outfit.

Knit skirts

Switch out your usual pants for knitted skirts this cool season. Although it may be chilly, a cotton or wool knit skirt in midi or maxi length can still keep your legs covered.

Versatile and comfy, they can be styled in a variety of ways. Keep it casual with a crop top or sweater, or take your looks to the next level with a button-up shirt or matching knit set.

If you’re worried about being cold, you can always add tights and a pair of boots for more coverage.

Ally Fashion knit cardigan

Image: Ally Fashion.

Knit vests

Now, let’s move onto layers. Knitted vests are a fun and easy way to add dimension to your outfits. It’s also one of the key pieces of the preppy aesthetic.

Rock them by themselves with wide-leg trousers and boots for a chic and casual look. Or lean into the preppy style with a collared shirt underneath your knitted vest and pair with a tennis skirt or tailored pants and loafers.

Knit cardigans

Stay warm on cold days with cosy knit cardigans. Find a wide range of styles like cropped, button front, hooded and long cardigans.

Great for throwing on top of everyday outfits, you can adjust the warmth with the thickness of the garment, from ribbed cotton to thicker chunky knits.

Wear them over a dress or skirt for a feminine look, or pair them with your favourite jeans and a t-shirt for an easy go-to outfit.

Knitwear doesn’t have to be one dimensional in the cool seasons! With this style guide, we hope you learned more ways to wear them in a number of ways to suit any occasion and personal style.

Whether you’re headed to work or to a weekend lunch, women’s knitwear from Ally Fashion has you covered.

Ally Fashion

This article was made possible thanks to Ally Fashion, your go-to clothing store for the hottest dresses, tops, pants, accessories and more.

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