Designing the ultimate sleep solution with Ecosa bed frames

Designing the ultimate sleep solution with Ecosa bed frames

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This article was made possible thanks to Ecosa, who has been designing luxury sleep solutions since 2015, using intelligent ergonomic designs that work for your body.

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We all lead busy lives nowadays and getting the required amount of daily sleep is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Adults require at least 7 hours of quality sleep nightly, while children and young adults need even more, starting at 8 hours minimum for teens.

While it might not always be possible to get enough sleep, keeping these numbers in mind gives you something to aim for and can help you to keep your health on track moving forward.

Hectic work and school schedules mean being regularly on the go is the norm nowadays. In today’s modern world, we are all constantly connected, and always on call and being able to switch off and relax can be challenging.

However, by creating a sleep sanctuary where you can rest and recharge, you can make significant improvements toward maintaining your health.

Having the right bed frame is key as this is the foundation for optimal rest, and Ecosa’s Transcend bed frame collection is the perfect place to start.

Interested to learn why good sleep is vital to your health? Keep reading for tips on designing the ultimate sleep solution in your home.

Health benefits

Healthy sleep habits mean you are less likely to get sick, and it can also help to keep those extra inches off your waistline.

When you get ample rest, your mood is likely to be better, stress levels remain low and you will make better decisions throughout the day.

What’s more, your eyesight will function optimally, and cognitive performance will be at its best when you get regular, uninterrupted sleep in an environment conducive to deep relaxation.

Studies show the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes increase as the quality and quantity of sleep decreases.

Getting enough quality sleep should always be a top priority. Investing in a luxury bed frame solution is wise, both for your physical wellbeing and to improve the look and feel of your space.

Superior foundation

Ecosa’s bed frame collections are at the top tier of the bedding market due to their solid wood construction.

Many of their competitor’s products are built from glued-together plywood and plastic designs, causing them to weaken and fail over time.

Ecosa understands that your mattress needs a solid supporting structure beneath it to ensure your body weight is evenly distributed while you sleep.

A sinking mattress means increased body aches, leading to disrupted, low-quality sleep. Substandard bed frames quickly wear out, the plywood tends to split, and generic hardware loosens over time, causing squeaks that are all but guaranteed to disrupt your sleep.

Ecosa builds a strong foundation for quality sleep by using materials such as solid American ash wood in the bed frame construction. The customised hardware logically connects the components together, ensuring an easy assembly process for the user.

Most installations require just 20 minutes. Once assembled using the patent-pending connecting hardware, your new bed frame will provide years of service, backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Styles to fit any interior

Ecosa bed frames are not only structurally sound and easy to assemble, but they also come in contemporary and classic styles to complement any interior.

Those who prefer a modern, minimalist design will love the Zen Bed Base as it offers a low-profile, headless presentation with the same solid wood base as other Ecosa styles. Soft, rounded edges and corners guard against bruised shins, and they also look great.

If you need functional storage along with quality sleep, check out the Rise bed frame. This model has a timeless design that works in any room and offers a hidden storage shelf.

For those seeking classic-styled comfort, the Crest bed frame offers a double-cushioned headboard. In addition, the frame is also wrapped with the same OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified woven fabric covering. The Crest bed frame is durable, easy to clean, and looks extra stylish compared to a bare wood presentation.

Finally, the Transcend collection offers even more styles to choose from, all of which offer the same stress-free assembly and disassembly using Ecosa’s proprietary connectors and hardware. The quality and functionality of Ecosa’s bed frames are simply unmatched, thanks to the top-tier raw material construction and the unique connector design that features throughout their different ranges.

Premium mattresses

The final ingredient to the ultimate sleep experience is a top-tier mattress. Ecosa offers three choices to fit your style and budget, all backed by a 15-year warranty.

The Vital is Ecosa’s bestselling hybrid mattress, offering medium firmness with a combination of memory foam and seven zoned pocket springs.

Individually wrapped coils move independently with your body for pain-free sleep. You’ll enjoy better spinal alignment and support, and the firmer perimeter springs ensure an even sleeping surface.

The Ecosa mattress offers three firmness levels to suit your taste for the ultimate ergonomic and spinal alignment.

The Pure mattress is the ultimate choice to complement their industry-leading, solid wood bed frames. This environmentally-sustainable mattress moulds to your body using three layers of latex foam, micro coils, and pocket springs. These materials are breathable, optimising airflow to ensure you receive undisturbed sleep and no temperature fluctuations during the night.

Simple and beautiful sleep solutions from Ecosa

Ecosa New Zealand is dedicated to improving the sleep environment in your home by producing sustainable, environmentally friendly luxury sleep solutions.

With the right sleeping solution, you can quickly eliminate stiffness and soreness.

Using Ecosa’s patented hardware technology, solid wood bed frame structural rigidity, and extensive selection of modern and traditional fabric styles, you can ensure that you get that all-important rest so you stay healthy and have the energy to live your life to the full.

Ecosa logo

This article was made possible thanks to Ecosa, who has been designing luxury sleep solutions since 2015, using intelligent ergonomic designs that work for your body.

Learn more at ecosa.com.au