How to choose bedding for a more luxurious night’s sleep

How to choose bedding for a more luxurious night's sleep


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We all want that Goldilocks sleep: not too hot, not too cold, just the right amount of softness and comfort.

Once you’ve sorted a good mattress and a bed frame, the rest can come down to the kind of bedding you choose.

With so many fabric options available, striking the balance between quality, comfort and value can be tricky to work out. That’s why we’ve made it simple with our top tips for finding the right bedding for you.

Finding the right sheets

Your sheets are a hard-working contribution to your sleep space. They can help protect your bed from everyday wear and tear and keep you warm (without getting hot and sweaty) – it’s all in a night’s work for a good set of bedding.

Fibres such as linen, cotton and bamboo are a great option, offering increased comfort while still being hardwearing, while synthetic materials are easy to care for and naturally wrinkle-resistant.

There’s no substitute for quality, so it’s worth spending extra to get something that can last the distance without falling apart. From there, it comes down to a matter of preference.


If you’ve ever found yourself tossing and turning, unable to sleep due to hot weather, you’re not alone.

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in heat, but also wanting to have a light cover over you as you sleep. That’s where sheet sets come into the picture.

If you run warm at night, then you may want to consider a set of cotton sheets. This fabrication is ideal for warmer environments due to its improved breathability.

Feeling a little chilly? It may be worth having another set for cooler months. Look for fabrics like linen, which can be a little more breathable, hard-wearing and helpful to those with allergies – making it a great option all year round.


Everybody likes something different when it comes to slipping in between the sheets. Tucked in tight or free and breezy, silky soft or gently textured, there are fabrics to treat every sleeper to a blissful night of sleep.

If you’re a fan of the thick, luxurious feel of hotel bed sheets, then a cotton blend is a great option to consider.

Prefer something light and super soft? Bamboo provides an almost silky softness, without the slipperiness of real silk.

You may find your linen set continues to become softer with every wash and the shorter fibres that are interwoven give the effect of a gentle massage against your skin.

Try and get a feel for the different fabrics and choose from there.

Top it off with bedding

Quilts and comforters come in a variety of sizes and are rated for different seasons and climates.

Thick, heavy quilts will help keep you warm through winter, while lighter quilts are great for those spring and summer nights.

If you live in an area where you don’t get big variations in temperature, or use indoor climate control to keep things steady, you may prefer to use a mid-weight ‘all seasons’ quilt.

Cotton makes a great quilt material as it’s affordable and durable. It’s a great lightweight quilt, well suited to warmer sleepers. It’s also known for being breathable, helping you to stay nice and comfortable throughout the night.

Wool is a popular choice for quilts. This versatile fabric offers warmth in the cooler months, while still remaining breathable during warmer weather.

Tencel™ is a modern fibre that offers excellent softness. It is a lightweight material good for summer sleeping or warm sleepers.

Don’t forget about your pillows

Generally, you’ll find pillows in three profiles: low, medium and high.

Finding the right pillow is all about your sleep needs. Think about your sleep position. Do you like to rest on your side, back or stomach? The right pillow should give you adequate support throughout the night, while also being comfortable to cosy up to.

You’ll also need to think about the filling. Pillows are made from a variety of materials such as:

  • Microfibre
  • Memory foam.

The best way to find the perfect pillow match is to try them out. Test them lying on a mattress, and ensure that your neck and head are in a neutral position.

Add a touch of luxury

Last but by no means least, decorative throws and pillows complete the picture of cosiness and luxury.

Mix and match with a variety of textures and materials, in coordinating or complementary colours that work with the overall design of your bedroom, to bring visual interest and delight the senses.

Keep these tips in mind next time you go shopping for new bedding to help you create a bed for a great night’s sleep.


Disclaimer: SHE DEFINED has been compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain reviews or links shared in this article.