3 simple ways to create a minimalist home

4 simple ways to create a minimalist home

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This article was made possible thanks to RJ living, a furniture and homewares brand that offers unique designs fit for the Australian lifestyle.

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The minimalist approach has become a trend in recent years. It gives your home an instant refresh without the hefty price tag.

The minimalist style also empowers homeowners and occupiers to decide whether or not certain possessions still serve a practical or aesthetic purpose.

By carefully discerning the function of each decor or home item, you can achieve a sleek and organised space that highlights the important things in your life.

Simple ideas to achieve a sleek space

The minimalist space is synonymous with an intentional lifestyle.

It teaches you to buy with a plan in mind and opt for quality pieces so you can take advantage of your purchases and save money in the long run.

Suppose you’re currently shopping for minimalist-inspired home pieces, look for items showcasing form and function.

For instance, RJ Living’s range of dining tables and other similar furniture brands have durable, sleek, and carefully crafted centrepieces that may last a long time.

While the approach doesn’t discredit aesthetics, minimalism does highlight the importance of practicality.

Apart from buying durable home items, below are other simple ways to create a minimalist home.

1. Opt for wooden furniture

Going for the minimalist route entails choosing home furniture that supports the minimalist vibe, and wood is one of these pieces.

Since most minimalist homes are associated with neutral colour schemes and big greys, the airy element of wood can bring visual balance.

Wooden upholstery and accessories best complement dark accents and white walls in your space. In turn, this induces a cozy and soft feel that’s pleasing to the eye.

Wood is also often considered modern, which is one popular aspect of the minimalist home, and this natural element is versatile enough to be incorporated into any home design.

With this in mind, consider adding a few wood pieces to your space. For instance, you can shop bedside tables online or rattan chairs for your living area.

If you already have a few at home, display these wooden furnishings in communal spaces. You may also repaint a few of your tables in a faux wood tone.

2. Cut the clutter

Clutter takes up space and can contribute to stress, affecting your mental wellbeing.

If you’re adopting a minimalist approach, go through your home items, appliances, and decor and evaluate whether or not these still serve their purpose.

If the project seems overwhelming, work your way up by first looking into your tiny collectibles and essentials. After that, do the same with your bulky devices and furniture.

Get rid of stuff you haven’t used for the past six months or so. Decluttering is the perfect opportunity to swap home decor with your friends, launch a garage sale, or simply donate your pre-loved items to the local charity.

Moreover, removing the clutter can help brighten and open up your space. If you live in a tiny apartment, this initiative can certainly allow you to move around freely and decorate with intention.

4 simple ways to create a minimalist home

3. Stick to timeless decor

Minimalism is a lifestyle that relies on being intentional with how you decorate.

If you’re used to redecorating your home periodically, it might be time to look for classic home accents and objects you could reuse or circulate in the home. You can look into your personal aesthetics and take inspiration from this.

This initiative also helps you exercise restraint from buying random decor that temporarily tickles your fancy. Instead, it teaches you to look for pieces that’ll help you put together a cohesive and intentionally-designed space. This initiative can help you narrow down your shopping choices, saving you time.

Classic home decor resists fluctuating trends, allowing you to showcase a space that’ll stand the test of time.

Likewise, investing in fewer, beautifully-crafted items help you curate an intentionally-designed home.

As one of the best examples of minimalistic home decoration items, you may consider wall canvas prints. Coming in a variety of sizes and designs, wall art gives you the possibility of giving your home a finished look.

The perks of going minimal

With a hectic and jam-packed work routine, you’d certainly want to go home to a neat and clean environment.

After all, your home serves more than just shelter; it’s your sanctuary of peace. It’s your personal space to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

Apart from reducing stress, creating a peaceful atmosphere at home helps you become more productive.

An open and tidy home helps you move around freely. By steering away from distractions, you can gain a clearer headspace to make decisions, stop procrastinating, and accomplish work tasks.

By being conscious of how you style and embellish your home, you can reduce the amount of visual clutter and enjoy a peaceful and vibrant environment.

Simply follow the steps outlined above to create the minimalist home of your dreams.

RJ Living

This article was made possible thanks to RJ living, a furniture and homewares brand that offers unique designs fit for the Australian lifestyle.

Learn more at rjliving.com.au