Enjoying sustainable city travel with an e-bike

Enjoying sustainable city travel with an e-bike

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This article was made possible thanks to Engwe Bikes, a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, including foldable e-bikes and fat tire e-bikes.


Living or spending a lot of time in the city can sometimes be challenging. High prices, busy streets, constant traffic, and safety concerns can make urban life difficult.

Many people prefer the peace of the suburbs or countryside with their cars. However, city life can be made easier, especially with an electric bike (e-bike).

Owning an electric bike in the city means you don’t have to worry about car payments, petrol, or finding parking. Instead, all you need is a power outlet, a little storage, and some enthusiasm.

But riding around the city with an e-bike has its challenges. As you ride more and faster, safety becomes a concern, and bike theft is still a serious issue.

This guide is here to help you navigate city riding with an e-bike. Consider it a mini ‘e-bike urban lifestyle’ guide, complete with tips and tricks to become the best urban cyclist possible.

Key benefits of city biking with an e-bike

Riding an electric bike can slowly improve your life in so many ways, especially if you live or spend a lot of time in the city.

Electric bikes make navigating the city much easier. They are portable, maneuverable, agile, and much less expensive to own than some other transportation options.

You could rely solely on public transportation, such as the bus, tram or train, but then you would be tied to their schedules and routes. Many cities also charge a lot for monthly public transportation passes. The other option is owning a car, but in the city, cars are often more inconvenient than useful.

In addition to the usual expenses like insurance, car owners need to deal with traffic, potential damages, and, most frustratingly, finding parking. Not every city residence offers parking, and trying to find a spot after work in the city centre can be very difficult. Monthly parking passes at shared lots can also be very expensive.

Bike owners, however, don’t have to worry about these issues. Parking a bike is much easier than parking a car, and you don’t have to worry about bus or metro schedules. With the help of a motor, e-bike owners can travel long distances in the city without breaking a sweat.

Choosing the best electric bike for the city

When selecting the ideal electric bike for city riding, the process should be straightforward. Most, if not all, electric bikes will make your life easier in the city. However, certain features will be more beneficial:

Comfort and fit

  • Choose a comfortable electric bike, properly sized for your body type, as you will likely be riding it a lot.
  • Opt for a properly sized seat or a comfy saddle cover for added comfort.

Types of electric bikes

  • Electric road bikes, hybrids, cargo bikes, and foldable electric bikes are all excellent choices for city riding.
  • Even an eMTB (electric mountain bike) can work well in the city if no other option is available.
  • The key is convenience, as it is the most important factor when living in the city.

Consider your needs

  • If you frequently use the train and plan on taking your bike onboard, choose something portable and easy to carry, such as a foldable bike.
  • For avid urban cyclists who enjoy riding in traffic and going as fast as possible, an electric road bike is the best choice.
  • If you use your bike for work, such as delivery, opt for a cargo bike, preferably a top-of-the-line model.

Things to remember when riding in the city

Once you fully embrace the e-bike life and make it a part of your daily routine, things start to change for the better. Parking becomes less of a hassle, bills start disappearing, and traffic becomes something to observe rather than suffer through.

Combine your electric bike with public transport

  • Don’t rely solely on your electric bike. Use a combination of it and public transport.
  • Take public transport when it’s more convenient, especially for long distances, and use your electric bike in between stops. This is often the best and fastest way to get around.

Be mindful of pedal-assist level

  • Keep the level of pedal-assist in mind. While it’s easy to keep the bike in high-assistance mode, using the motor less will allow you to get a good workout on your e-bike more often.

Plan your routes

  • Study your routes beforehand, whether for commuting or regular errands. Knowing where you’re going will reduce stress and sometimes be safer.

Know the charging stations

  • Find the charging stations beforehand. The battery is your bike’s Achilles heel. Make sure you know when and where to charge it.
  • Consider carrying a second replacement battery with you just in case.

Optimal parking

  • Try to find ground-level parking and somewhere indoors. Electric bikes are heavy, so don’t underestimate how exhausting and demoralising it can be to carry them up and down the stairs.

Clothing tips

You don’t need spandex, but there are a few mandatory clothing items:

  • Have a packable rain jacket stashed away just in case the weather turns.
  • Avoid billowing garments or accessories.
  • Pant wearers should also remember to roll up the pant leg on the chain side.

Do you have any city electric biking tips of your own?

Seriously, once you’ve nailed the lifestyle, having an Engwe M20 bike in the city is an amazing experience. Riding around, you just feel more in harmony with the urban landscape and more integrated into the fabric of the city.

Engwe Bikes

This article was made possible thanks to Engwe Bikes, a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, including foldable e-bikes and fat tire e-bikes.