Tips for women travelling to Jordan: how to dress, stay safe, and follow local customs

Tips for women travelling to Jordan: how to dress, stay safe, and follow local customs

Travelling to new and different countries requires an open heart and mind, but also a level of awareness of what is acceptable and respectable behaviour at the destination.

As travellers and guests in another country, it is our responsibility to do the research and ask the questions to ensure that we do not offend our hosts or disrespect their traditions and culture.

In the country of Jordan, situated in the Middle East, the population is more than 11 million – 97 per cent of which are Sunni Muslim.

Overall, Jordanians are very respectful, modest and hospitable, and are keen to welcome visitors to proudly show off their homeland and its spectacular features.

Visitors to Jordan will have the opportunity to experience incredible natural landscapes, breathtaking man-made monuments and historic sites, and can enjoy delicious food experiences.

Fascinating interactions with locals can be rewarding and share insight into the local culture and customs.

Here are some tips to help you feel at ease when travelling to Jordan:

Tips for women travelling to Jordan
Tips for women travelling to Jordan

Dress modestly

The majority of Jordanians dress modestly, including both men and women. In some cases, they dress quite traditionally – nothing flashy or too brightly coloured.

Consider your wardrobe when packing and remember to cover up your legs and shoulders when visiting religious sites.

Visiting a mosque will require you to hire an Abaya, a full-length cloak with a hood to cover your hair.

It is also very hot at most times of the year so covering up from the sun isn’t such a bad idea to protect your skin.

Be polite yet firm

Female travellers will, without a doubt, draw attention to themselves merely by the fact that women travelling independently is not something that locals see readily or a practice that they would do themselves.

Women may receive friendly approaches from local men, from “hello lady” or “welcome to Jordan” to gentle whistles and kissing sounds.

In most cases, it is harmless and comes from a place of curiosity but to avoid an uncomfortable situation female travellers should be polite and respond with a quick hello and continue on their way.

Tips for women travelling to Jordan
Tips for women travelling to Jordan

Social Interactions and personal space

Shaking hands is extremely common for men but not so much for women. Don’t be offended if the men have their hands shaken and you are missed.

Personal space is not as readily respected as in the Western world and a quiet moment alone to watch the sunset may result in a bevy of ‘new friends’ sitting around you.

When queuing, be prepared for no social distancing as people will stand closely together to get to the front of the line.

Physical activities

There are restrictions on male and female contact in public fitness facilities.

The swimming pool and gym in most hotels will have allocated times for women and men to use the facilities separately, so check with the front desk of your hotel to confirm the times for your gender.

Tips for women travelling to Jordan
Tips for women travelling to Jordan


If want to take photographs of people ask their permission first – this applies the world over.

In Jordan, photos of women are especially looked upon poorly. If permission is granted, go ahead and take your photograph politely and try not to interfere with the person’s activities.

A big thank you and a smile is always welcome, and young people may invite you to share the picture with them via WhatsApp or social media.

Do your research

There are many sources for seeking information prior to travelling to Jordan, so be sure to do your research.

Use government websites such as Smartraveller to get advice about your destination before travelling, and also make use of any destination tourism websites such as the Jordan Tourism Board. These sites will help to guide you and give you an idea of what to expect when travelling.

There are also many online forums available to assist you in your travel preparations.

Above all, travel safely, kindly and compassionately.


All images by Danielle Phyland.

Disclaimer: The writer travelled at their own expense.

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