Travel tips: How to embrace where you are and avoid post-holiday blues

Travel tips: How to embrace where you are and avoid post-holiday blues

Recently, I returned from the most incredible 49-day trip around the world.

I explored eight countries, attended two weddings and experienced some truly bucket list activities.

When I returned home, as always happens, one of the first things people said to me was: “Your trip looked amazing. Don’t you wish you were still on holiday?”

No. No, I don’t.

I never really have, actually.

When I plan a trip, it’s for a set period of time, and I enjoy that time.

And don’t you often find that at the end of a trip you’re starting to prepare to go home? Aren’t you thinking about getting back into the daily grind?

No matter how long my trips are – one week, one month, one year – I always know that it will end, and it will be time for the next activity, adventure or stage of life to begin.

Perhaps I’ve had plenty of practice, or maybe my frequent travel doesn’t permit me the time to feel low between trips.

But for those that do, here are some ways to embrace where you are and avoid those post-holiday blues.

Always have the next trip planned

This is my top tip: always have the next trip planned.

It’s the one thing that’s kept me travelling and allowed me to bypass the post-holiday slump.

I know that there’s always going to be another trip; I make sure of it because I plan for it.

As soon as you get back from a holiday, start thinking about where you might like to go next.

I’m not suggesting you enter an endless spend loop of constantly putting deposits on holidays, but simply having that seed of an idea, or something to work towards, can be inspiration enough to keep you from going through that difficult ‘settling back in’ phase.

Immerse yourself in travel books, websites, articles and stories from others who’ve experienced the next destination on your list.

Your journey has yet to begin, so you’ll be full of optimism and anticipation.

Travel tips: How to embrace where you are and avoid post-holiday blues

Embrace the ‘daily grind’

While travelling is great, I believe the routine and normal activities of daily life offers the chance to switch off.

Going back to work can be a welcome relief, adding structure and purpose to your day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being footloose and fancy free. But after a while, the days are harder to fill – you don’t have to do anything while on holiday, and the possibilities are endless.

At times, there’s often a lot of decision making required when on holiday. And travelling can also be busy – so many things to see, so many things to do, so many wonderful experiences to enjoy. Although it’s lovely, it too can get tiring.

As a freelancer, I’m fortunate that I can work from anywhere. But sometimes, because of this nomadic lifestyle I’m so free to enjoy, I actually crave being in one place.

After a trip, I love coming home to my apartment, sitting at my desk, having a full day dedicated to work, and focusing on the tasks I have to complete. It can be nice to return to the planned, the organised and the routine.

Relive the memories of your trip

I don’t know about you, but I love getting home from a trip and going through all the photos.

When I’m travelling, I am taking in so many new experiences and trying so hard to capture it all that I don’t have a chance to really reflect on what I’ve been snapping.

With technology, you can relive and enjoy your holiday all over again through photos and videos.

You can also share your trip and experiences with family and friends. Showing them photos and telling them your travel stories can transport you back to that wonderful holiday vibe.

Travel tips: How to embrace where you are and avoid post-holiday blues

Be where you are

Without getting too guru on you, the best way to not feel the post-holiday blues is to simply be where you are.

My meditation app recently said: “For the next moment, allow yourself to be a human BEING rather than a human DOING. Do nothing. Just be”.

We spend so much time looking ahead to the future and wondering “what’s next?”

We’re also too often looking at others and wishing we were doing what they were doing. Why not spend some time simply enjoying where you are?

If you can practice just being, then whether you’re on holidays or at home you’ll never have to wish you were anywhere else.

Be a tourist in your own backyard

You can still have the traveller mindset when you’re not on holiday – simply apply it to the area in which you live. Enjoy a holiday at home.

There will always be things to do and see that you haven’t yet experienced in your local area, whether it’s a new cafe, a festival, or that park you’ve always wanted to walk in.

Returning from your holiday is the perfect time to embrace your home town and appreciate what’s on your doorstep.

HAVE YOUR SAY: How do you avoid post-holiday blues? Do you have any tricks or tactics? Be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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