Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic

Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic

After two years of living with pandemic-related restrictions, international travel is open again to Australians.

While we navigate the new rules of international travel, including operational logistics, COVID-safe requirements and documentation, we must also consider the mental preparedness for returning to travel.

Many of us have had a significant break from travel due to closed borders and restrictions on movement, and while we may hope that making a return to it will be much like riding a bike, there might be a layer of anxiety attached to what was once a relaxing experience.

It’s important to be kind to ourselves and recognise that a lot has happened over the past couple of years, and returning to travel might require a more gentle approach.

A wellness focused trip is the perfect way to allow yourself to process the past and ease into the new world of travel.

This style of travel, also known as wellness tourism, is nothing new and was even growing in popularity pre-pandemic, as society started to recognise that our mind and body both need a holiday.

“Consumers are increasingly aware that all aspects of their lives — where they live; how they work; what they eat; and how they exercise, socialise and travel — impact their health outcomes, mental resilience and overall sense of wellbeing,” according to a report by Global Wellness Institute.

Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic
Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic
Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic

An all-inclusive trip can reduce pressure when travelling

For some travellers, returning to travel may bring with it anxiety and stress due to a long hiatus from travel combined with the pressures of meeting government and airline COVID requirements.

Starting with an all-inclusive wellness trip can reduce a lot of the pressure. Inclusions such as airport transfers, breakfast, accommodation, spa treatments and activities can take the stress out of planning your return to travel.

On a recent trip to Bali, I stayed at Revivo Wellness Resorts and the experience was fully inclusive, eliminating any logistical headaches and easing the burden of increased demands now associated with travel.

On arrival at the airport, a VIP fast-track service can be obtained to ensure you progress quickly and easily through the immigration and customs check points and gain your required visa. Your luggage is collected by an attendant and comfortable return airport transfers are included.

Upon arrival at the resort, a program is provided and tailored to your individual needs, based on the information you provide in a pre-arrival questionnaire. The program is flexible and you can make adjustments with the wellness consultant at any time.

The package includes morning and evening rituals for waking and sleeping, classes for varying levels of fitness, and wellness treatments for your mind and body such as yoga meditations and massage.

Meals are selected for you and you can tailor them as you wish. The resort is fully equipped with accessible facilities that encourage relaxation across various lounges, a swimming pool, lush gardens, fish ponds, a jungle swing and a hot tub that can be used by guests any time during their stay.

The important aspect of a wellness retreat is the intention to nourish your mind and body, inside and out. Most retreats feature healthy food and limited alcohol, rest, exercise, spa treatments, mindfulness and beautiful surroundings.

Recognising the impacts of the pandemic, both mental and physical, and easing yourself into travel at a wellness retreat is a gentle way to revitalise and reconnect with yourself. There are a plethora of wellness trips on offer at varying price points, lengths of stay, and inclusions.

A holiday that allows you to focus on the mind and body has proven to be a conscious way to return to travel while disconnecting from stress.

Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic
Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic
Why a wellness holiday is the perfect return to travel post-pandemic

Top tips for returning to international travel

  • Choose wisely. Select a holiday destination that won’t be too overwhelming.
  • Don’t over schedule. Ease yourself into travelling again with relaxed itineraries, at least for the first few days.
  • Pre-plan initial days away. Book your accommodation, transfers and activities for the initial few days of your trip. It’ll help keep your mind at ease and give you time to settle in at your new location.
  • Treat yourself. Include time for rejuvenation, such as spa treatments, swimming, reading by the pool, or any other activities that allow you to relax.
  • Transition slowly. Remember that large crowds and groups may be overwhelming after spending so much time in isolating conditions. Recognise that you may need to slowly transition into this at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Do your research. Make sure you are up to date with new travel requirements. Refer to Smartraveller and airline websites for the latest updates.


All images of Revivo Wellness Retreats in Bali taken by Danielle Phyland.

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