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5 ways to feel like you have more time

5 ways to feel like you have more time

In the relentless rhythm of our daily lives, the desire for more time is a perpetual echo.

We find ourselves yearning for additional hours to tick away, believing that if only we had more time, we could conquer our to-do lists, pursue our passions, and perhaps, just perhaps, achieve that elusive work-life balance.

Paradoxically, the more we fixate on the scarcity of time, the more it slips through our fingers like fine sand. It’s time to challenge this perception and explore ways to feel like you have more time.

1. Learn a new skill

Our sense of time is fluid, and engaging our minds in learning new skills creates the illusion of stretching time.

Dive into a hobby that beckons your curiosity—whether it’s painting, coding, or salsa dancing. The process of acquiring a new skill not only adds depth to your life but also opens a realm where time slows down.

Choose something that sparks joy, allowing you to immerse yourself in the present moment and, in turn, elongate your perception of time.

2. Travel to a new destination

The monotony of routine can make time feel like a monotonous drone. Break free by embarking on a journey to a place that’s unfamiliar.

Travelling to new destinations provides a refreshing perspective, liberating you from the shackles of everyday responsibilities. As you navigate uncharted territories, you’ll find time expanding as your senses soak in the novel experiences.

Disconnect from the familiar to reconnect with the present, creating a mental space where time feels more abundant.

3. Be spontaneous

In the structured tapestry of daily routines, spontaneity is the wildcard that disrupts our predictable perception of time.

Embrace the unexpected, whether it’s trying a new restaurant on a whim or taking a spontaneous weekend getaway. The element of surprise not only injects fun into your life but also alters the way you experience time.

By breaking away from the usual, you engage your senses in a way that makes time feel malleable and elastic, expanding and contracting in delightful unpredictability.

4. Meet new people

Human connections are a timeless currency. Meeting new people fosters a unique experience that mirrors the unhurried perception of time in childhood.

Engaging in meaningful conversations forces you into the present moment, where time seems to linger. As you navigate fresh interactions, you recreate the childhood wonder of discovering the world, where every moment is vivid and lingers in your memory.

Forge new connections, and you’ll find that time unfolds at a pace reminiscent of your younger years.

5. Reflect on your day

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, days blend into one another, creating the illusion of time slipping away. Combat this by cultivating mindfulness.

Slow down, savour each moment, and make a conscious effort to remember your day in vivid detail. Studies suggest that the act of deliberately recalling experiences not only enhances your perception of time but also enriches the tapestry of your memories.

By appreciating the nuances of each moment, you extend the narrative of your day, making time a more generous companion.

Other practical ways to gain more time

Of course, there are other practical ways you can gain more time, which is different to creating the perception of time slowing down.

If your weekly calendar is constantly full, can you find opportunities to outsource some of your tasks, errands or chores? If so, you could easily gain several hours in your week which will allow you the chance to focus on other things that you value more.

For example, you can free up time by finding help for boring tasks like house cleaning. Use sites like Absolute Domestics to find cleaners.

You could also outsource your laundry to a laundry service, get a cleaner in once a week or once a fortnight to clean your house, or hire an assistant to help with errands like doing grocery shopping or taking items to the dry cleaner.

Savouring the moments

Time, elusive as it may seem, is not an immutable force but a perception moulded by our experiences.

By learning new skills, travelling to unexplored realms, embracing spontaneity, connecting with new faces, and mindfully recalling our days, we unlock the secret to feeling like we have more time.

It’s not about adding hours to the clock but about savouring the moments we have. In this delicate dance with time, it’s not about how much we have but how deeply we embrace and cherish each passing moment.