These are the top podcasts to listen to while working out

These are the top 8 podcasts to listen to while working out

Working out on your own can get lonely. Even if you’re following along with an instructor or jamming out to your favourite workout playlist of choice, repeating rep after rep can feel monotonous.

Listening to a podcast while working out is a great way to keep things interesting.

Whether you’re into pop culture, impactful storytelling, or just want something to laugh at while you’re sweating it out, there’s a podcast that’ll suit your needs and make your workout fly by. You can also use an undetected VPN to listen to regional podcasts while working out.

Here are a few options to consider next time you need some added motivation to get your sweat on:

Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

Best for: Distracting yourself from things you hate more than working out.

Your hour-long workout will fly by while you listen to host Matt Bellassai list his hilarious, relatable complaints about current events, pop culture and everything we love to hate. Even if crunches aren’t on your workout list, your abs will still hurt from laughing.

Listen here.

The Guardian Guide to Running

Best for: New runners looking for motivation.

Starting a daily running routine for the first time isn’t as easy as it may seem — and finding the right guidance that addresses your specific fitness level, stamina and overall mental constitution can also feel daunting. The Guardian Guide to Running breaks this down into six weeks of tips and guidance to help new runners push past plateaus and make running a part of their daily lives for the long haul.

Listen here.

Snap Judgement

Best for: Making your workout fly by.

Snap Judgement delivers compelling true stories set to musical beats that keep listeners captivated until the very end. This podcast is perfect for getting through a series of reps or taking along for a run, providing listeners with a tangible experience that makes it feel like you’re part of the story.

Listen here.

Jocko Podcast

Best for: Getting through your toughest workouts.

Listening to the Jocko Podcast during a workout is kind of like having your own persona Navy SEAL by your side. Hosted by Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, this podcast features stories of tenacity and true grit from America’s most formidable fighting force. Hearing these stories will motivate you to push harder and get stronger.

Listen here.

School of Greatness

Best for: When you don’t really feel like working out.

Lewis Howes, a former Arena League football player, covers inspiring health-related stories in this uplifting podcast series that’ll motivate you to bring out the best in yourself. Notable guests include Sadhguru, Kevin Hart, Tony Robbins and the late Kobe Bryant. Episodes are just 20 minutes long, but the inspiration will last you throughout the day.

Listen here.

Be There in Five

Best for: Training for a race.

Want to get up to speed on the latest pop culture while working on your run time? Be There in Five host Kate Kennedy explores trending topics featuring celebrities, TV, movies and nostalgia of the 90s/00s. Episodes run long – around two hours – which makes it an ideal series for distance runners and those who are training for a big race.

Listen here.

20 Minute Fitness

Best for: Learning about living healthy.

Whether you’re starting a new workout routine or want to learn more about nutrition, form, and everything that goes into living a healthy lifestyle, 20 Minute Fitness has you covered. This podcast offers relevant advice from industry experts and covers a variety of topics from the science of gut health to essential nutrients for building muscle.

Listen here.

This is Joy & Claire

Best for: Having company during your workout.

Don’t have a workout buddy? Podcast hosts Joy Parrish and Claire Koch have you covered. Their podcast covers a variety of wellness and current event topics in a conversational way that’ll make you feel like you’re having a chat with friends while completing your reps — and friendly conversation always seems to make workouts fly by.

Listen here.


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