3 ways a marketing agency can elevate your business

3 ways a marketing agency can elevate your business

Steve de Niese and his team at marketing agency Assemblo develop strategies to elevate businesses.

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This article was made possible thanks to Assemblo, a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne.

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For a business to grow and thrive, it needs to have a strong online presence and engage in a mix of marketing activities.

Whether you run a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) or work in a marketing role for a large corporate company, engaging a marketing agency can help your business create strategic and data-driven campaigns, optimise your digital presence, and ultimately generate leads that convert to sales.

Here are three ways a marketing agency can elevate your business, with tips from full-service marketing agency Assemblo:

1. Strategy and consultation

Before you plan or execute any marketing activity, it’s imperative to start with a sound strategy that draws on data and aims to achieve your business goals.

“We always begin with a consultation to find out what a business’ key goals are and how we can support this through marketing activity,” said Assemblo’s director Steve de Niese.

“This allows us to identify any strengths that we can hone and any challenges we need to overcome, while taking meaningful business goals and metrics into consideration.”

From there, a strategic approach to the proposed marketing activity is developed, which will often be backed by data and complemented by an effective mix of activities that can hit the target audience effectively.

“We’ll often deep-dive into historic sales figures, website analytics, user behaviour, and any other data that we can get our hands on to ensure that the hard facts underpin a strategy for a marketing plan that will yield effective results for a business,” said de Niese.

2. Marketing-led websites

In this day and age, another important aspect when it comes to marketing your business is having a functional website – but it needs to be one that is marketing-led.

For a website that truly serves your business, it has to act as a digital hub that is user friendly, attractive, and leads to conversions.

“At Assemblo, we firmly believe in building websites that are marketing-led. This means they are designed and built in a way to attract visitors, navigate them around the site with ease, convert them in a way that serves a business metric, and also retain them so they become a repeat visitor. Once these aspects have been achieved, we look to continuously improve the user experience,” said de Niese.

Nowadays, websites also need to meet accessibility standards, be mobile-friendly, and have strong SEO to achieve optimal performance.

3. Integrated marketing campaigns

Once you’ve consulted with marketing experts, developed a strategy for your marketing, and built a functional and well-performing website, it’s time to consider bigger-picture activities. That’s where integrated marketing campaigns come in.

Typically, an integrated marketing campaign will incorporate a mix of marketing activities across multiple mediums that all work together to support the same, consistent message. It will also be data-driven and underpinned by a strategic framework, and ultimately help support specific business objectives.

When it comes to running a marketing campaign, Assemblo takes an integrated approach to ensure it is well-rounded and has maximum reach.

“Let’s say your business is launching a new product or service and you want to promote it well. Once we have carried out the initial planning and developed a strategy, we may infer that a comprehensive advertising campaign will form the basis of the activity, comprising a mix of digital, print, and radio ads,” said de Niese.

“To extend the life of the campaign, we’ll create a series of digital articles that will be housed on the brand’s website which will act as important customer resources while also targeting SEO for good search engine performance. This will be supported by social media activity to reinforce the messaging.”

As the marketing campaign rolls out, de Niese said it is important to pay close attention to how activities are performing and determine where they can be tweaked and refined to optimise performance.

There is plenty more you can do to elevate your business through marketing efforts, so it’s best to speak with an agency to find a solution that suits your specific needs. Ultimately, you want to look for an agency that can work with you to help your business grow and thrive.

Assemblo logo 100x100 PNG

This article was made possible thanks to Assemblo, a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne.

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