The 5 best time management apps for remote workers

The 5 best time management apps for remote workers

If you’re already a remote worker or digital nomad, you’re living the dream that most employees long for in their fluorescent-lit office. You’re the envy of the workforce because you’re free to choose what you’re working on, who you’re working for, where you’re working from, and when you’re working.

But with all of the flexibility and freedom of remote working, it’s really important to be able to manage your time wisely to maintain productivity and avoid falling into the black hole of procrastination

Luckily, there are some fantastic apps to help you manage your time wisely. Here are the 5 best time management apps to help you get things done quickly and efficiently:

Time management: Toggl

As a remote worker, it’s helpful to know how long a specific task will take so that you can estimate turn-around time to the people that you’re working with.

Toggl is a free time management app that tells you exactly where you’re spending your time, so you can regulate your productivity on projects and send pretty, detailed reports of how you’ve allocated your time to your clients.

Productivity: Trello

Staying on top of all the moving parts of your business as a remote worker can sometimes feel overwhelming. Your precious time can be wasted if you’re too busy worrying about your lack of organisation.

Enter Trello, the app that will help you organise all of your client work in one place and keep up to date with what’s been done, what’s currently happening and what’s next on the list.

The basic idea behind Trello is simple: to-do lists. But the app goes much further, allowing you to sort your lists by category, and prioritise them by urgency.

Writing efficiency: Grammarly

Sending emails and writing messages takes up a lot of our time. After you’ve written your email, you have to spend time double-checking that you don’t have any typos before pressing ‘send’.

Grammarly addresses this issue by acting as a second pair of eyes on your writing. Pointing out everything from misused to overused words, this free app does all the grammar checking for you, so you can focus on the work that matters.

Retaining passwords: LastPass

With all of the different login information and passwords you need to remember, you’ll need a good system to make sure you don’t forget any vital information to access your online accounts.

Looking up login information and resetting forgotten passwords takes up time and clutters the mind. LastPass will store your passwords and log you into sites with a single click.

As a remote worker, you’ve got enough on your plate —don’t let passwords keep you from remembering something important.

Keeping notes organised: Bear

Don’t you hate it when you’re working between computers and have to be continually spending precious time transferring your documents, notes, and files? Bear is a trending alternative app to Evernote that allows you to capture notes and retain them, no matter how or where you’re working.

Create notes or to-do lists and have them be accessible on any of your devices for an infinite amount of time. Say goodbye to USB sticks and incessant emailing, because this is productivity at its finest.

The above five apps are extremely effective for getting your to-do list in order. They’re a surefire way to boost your organisational mojo and help you accomplish even more!


This article was written by Stephanie Conway and originally published on A Girl In Progress.

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