6 fun last minute ideas for Valentine’s — or Galentine’s — Day

6 fun last minute ideas for Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, it’s not hard to miss the red floral arrangements and heart-shaped boxes that have been on display in supermarkets since Christmas ended.

But what you might not realise is that February 13 is Galentine’s Day! Originating from the iconic Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) from the TV show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is all about paying homage to those wonderful female friendships in your life.

We’re all about celebrating love in its various forms, whether that’s a romantic partner, your best girlfriends or even just your amazing self.

So, whether you’re making last minute plans for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day (or both!) here are some fun ideas.

1. Get pampered

Don’t wait for #selfcaresunday this weekend, use Galentine’s Day as an excuse to chuck on your fave pjs, grab your best girlfriends and treat yourselves to a face mask. Face masks are not only highly moisturising and rejuvenating for the skin, but they’re also a great way to de-stress. 

Painting your nails with your opposite hand can be a pretty tricky task, so why not also use your girl’s night in as an opportunity to give each other an at-home mani-pedi experience? Pop on your favourite playlist, light a delicious-scented candle and pick your favourite nail shade… maybe just do it before the wine.

2. Netflix and chill….ed rosé

Just because Netflix and chill is (presumably) off the table with your gal pals, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good old movie night! Just swap out the chill for chilled rosé and you’ve got one relaxing night in on your hands.

The best part about watching Netflix with the gals is that you can watch a chick flick (or creepy serial killer doco, no judgment here) without anybody whinging. Grab a bottle of your French vino, crack out the cheese platter and let Zac Efron remind you just how good #singlelife can be.

3. Paint and sip

Everything is more fun with wine and your girlfriends, and painting is no exception. ‘Paint and sip’ studios like Cork and Chroma and Cork and Canvas, Studio Vino and Brush and Barrel are the perfect setting for a Galentine’s Day lady date.

With the nibbles, vino and art supplies provided, all you need to do is rock up and get your paint on—and make fun of your friend for her unintentionally-abstract take on a vase of flowers, obvs.

4. Escape room

If you’re bored of the usual Valentine’s Day dates like dinner and a movie, venture outside your comfort zone with an escape room. From Harry Potter-themed rooms and detective mysteries to horrifying ghost houses, these have been popping up all over the world in recent years. You’re put in a room and are given a designated amount of time to solve your puzzle to escape and naturally, hilarity and good-natured arguments arise.

Whether you’re just getting to know each other or have been together for decades, escape rooms are an excellent bonding experience for couples. Note: you’re generally put into groups, so if you’re not keen on spending your Valentine’s Day with randoms, go on a double or triple date with friends.

5. Outdoor cinema

FACT: Watching a movie under the stars is the most romantic date night activity ever. Whether you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a cinema on the beach or you opt for an open-air cinema in a park, it just adds an extra layer of atmosphere to your cinema date.

Pack a picnic, hire a beanbag (it can get a little uncomfortable propping yourself up on grass for 2 hours+) and catch the latest flick with your partner-in-crime.

6. Be (big) kids again

As strange as it may sound in the context of a romantic relationship, there’s something so fun about breaking out of the daily grind and unleashing your inner child. It could be heading to a theme park, doing an obstacle course together or going to your our local trampoline park.

Whatever activity you choose, you’ll fall in love with your significant other all over again when you see the big goofy grin on their face as they bounce on a trampoline like a lunatic or whiz through the air on a flying fox.


This article was written by Emma Norris and originally published on A Girl In Progress.

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