What I learned from doing a 24-hour digital detox

What I learned from doing a 24-hour digital detox

In a world of digital devices and being constantly connected to the internet, we’re often told how beneficial it can be to have time away from these...
Bianca Serratore of Coux Lifestyle

Women in business: Bianca Serratore on starting online homewares store Coux Lifestyle

A passion for interiors put Bianca Serratore on the path to starting her own online business selling unique homewares. Coux Lifestyle was born out of Serratore’s...
Sharon Green wedding day

Why I didn’t change my last name after getting married

What's in a name? The thought of giving mine away when I got married was not something that sat comfortably with me.

Raspberry chia jam

Raspberry chia jam

When I ditched sugar quite a few years ago, one of the things I missed the most was jam. I used to load the sweet spread on everything from my morning...
3 books that have influenced my career

3 books that have influenced my career

Sometimes you pick up a book and feel instantly consumed and inspired by it. Don’t you love it when that happens? When I think back to the many books...
The importance of learning patience

The importance of learning patience

We’re told patience is a virtue but we don’t always learn why. Here's why it's important to learn patience and the value it brings to our lives.

3 healthy smoothies

3 healthy smoothies that don’t skimp on taste

Smoothies are one of my favourite things to whip up for breakfast or when I need a snack to keep me going between main meals. I’m always experimenting...
Marysville town travel guide

Travel guide to Marysville, Victoria

If you’re looking for a getaway only a short distance from Melbourne, Marysville may be just the spot for you.

I’m undecided about having children and it’s making me anxious

I’m 30, undecided about having children, and it’s making me anxious

To have children or not have children? That is the question that has been consuming my thoughts and my indecision is making me feel anxious. For me, the...

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