5 genius storage hacks for off-season clothes

5 genius storage hacks for off-season clothes

Twice a year, I find myself doing a complete overhaul of my wardrobe where I swap over my summer and winter clothes.

And every time, without fail, I struggle to locate my favourite pieces from the year before.

Where’s that comfy knit from last year’s winter? And where on earth did I put that pineapple bikini from Bali?

Sound familiar? Here are 5 top tips to get you sorted for every season and keep your wardrobe neat and organised.

1. Do a cleanout at the end of every season

Let’s be honest, everyone has a tendency to hoard their old clothes. As seasons change, so does fashion, so there’s really no need to keep every item of clothing for the next year.

Hiring boxes from companies like Hire a Box makes it easier to sort them into ‘keep, store and donate’ piles, and helps with storing clothes in limited space.

Do the clear out at the end the season so you’re prepared for the next year’s season in advance.

2. Wrap delicate items in tissue paper

To avoid lint, pilling and tears in your delicate clothes, wrapping them in tissue paper before putting them in boxes will keep the clothes separate and limit friction, especially for your winter garments.

Wool and cashmere have a higher tendency to get damaged during their summer-long hibernation and should be treated with care.

3. Store your swimsuits in fabric, not plastic

We all want to keep our bikinis in pairs, but storing them in plastic zip-lock bags is the first step to disaster. Plastic keeps moisture locked in, which will cause mildew to form on the fabric of the swimsuit.

Storing them in separate fabric garment bags will help keep the swimsuit dry and stop the mildew, while keeping the pairs together.

4. Identify trans-seasonal clothes

There is always that one pair of boyfriend jeans that you dive through your stored winter clothes to dig out when that breeze is just slightly too chilly for shorts in the springtime.

It’s okay to keep a couple of off-season items in your wardrobe for unexpected weather. That being said, you shouldn’t allow the opposite and keep more clothes than you need. One pair of your favourite jeans and a cardigan is more than enough.

5. Pack your clothes like you’re packing a suitcase

Strangely enough, folding your clothes in half and rolling them does actually allow more space and makes it easier to see all your clothes in the box.

The way most people pack their suitcases is to make all the items more visible. Why shouldn’t the same apply to storing your off-season clothes? It also makes it much easier to unpack when it’s time to bring them out again.


This article was written by Emma Norris and was originally published on A Girl In Progress.

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