8 common hair myths that might be ruining your locks

8 common hair myths that might be ruining your locks

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want smooth, sleek, Pantene commercial-worthy hair? Not only is healthy hair way easier to tame in the mornings, but it’s the perfect finishing touch to any look.

But with so much contradictory information out there about how to best take care of our hair, it’s no wonder many of us are falling for some myths and old wives’ tales.

Here, the experts from Hair Clippers Club, creators of the best bikini trimmer, round up five common hair myths that might be ruining your hair:

1. Dirty hair grows faster

Do you avoid washing your hair frequently, in an effort  to make it grow faster? While the science behind this may sound convincing, it’s actually not true. Your hair is stronger and healthier once you get rid of the dirt and condition it accordingly. On the other hand, dirt tends to clog the follicles to the end, so that hair’s growth becomes limited.

2. Plucking one grey hair will lead to the growth of many more

There’s an old wives’ tale that says that plucking one grey hair will result in a head full of grey hair. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You will not get more grey hairs by plucking one of them. Nonetheless, it’s best to step away from the tweezers to avoid putting stress on the follicle and scalp. In any case, you can dye your hair or just decide to embrace grey hairs.

3. Brushing your hair many times will make it stronger

Remember Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch brushing her hair with 100 strokes every day? Turns out, she was wasting her time. The truth is, while brushing your hair every day will distribute the natural oils evenly, overdoing it will lead to breakage. Not good!

4. Oils should not be used on oily hair

All types of hair require proper nutrition to achieve the desirable shine and elasticity. You can apply oils on oily hair by learning the right way to do it. Hair stylists recommend that you should avoid applying oils on the scalp. Instead, start from the middle of the strands towards the tips.

5. You will not damage your hair if you air-dry

Many hair stylists discourage people from blow-drying their hair because it causes damage to the scalp. Instead, they advise you to air-dry it. While there is some element of truth to this, air-drying is also known to create some damage to the strands. This is because the hair’s interior may swell when exposed to water for a long time and thus get damaged in the long run. This is especially the case if you sleep on wet hair, or tie it in an elastic band. The best way to avoid damage is to use pre-styling products, blow dry on a low heat and move the dryer regularly and ensure that heat is not concentrated on one area for long.

6. Towel-drying your hair is acceptable

Rubbing the hair vigorously ascertains that the water is removed quickly. The problem with this is you will be breaking the fragile hairs and robbing them of all the moisture. To avoid this, gently squeeze your hair with a soft towel and then use a wide-tooth comb to remove the excess water.

7. Trimming your hair will make it grow faster

To keep your looking healthy stylists recommend having your hair trimmed every six weeks to eliminate split ends. However, your hair will not grow just because you religiously follow this grooming practice. Patience, good diet and taking care of your hair are the only things that will speed up hair growth.

8. Shampoos will stop working after a while

It has been said that it’s a good idea to switch your shampoos often because many products stop working after a while. However, there is no evidence to support this myth. If your hair products are working for you, keep using them. If not, it’s a good idea to consult a professional hairstylist so they can recommend the ideal products for your hair type. 


This article was written by Emma Norris and originally published on A Girl In Progress.

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