How Me+Skin creates superior skincare without the hefty price tag

How Me+Skin creates quality skincare without the hefty price tag

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This article was made possible thanks to Me+Skin, a skincare brand that provides superior products without the hefty price tag.

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When it comes to the world of skincare, the market is continuously flooded with new fads and phases, and quite often very contradicting advice.

However, we can all agree that in our contemporary understanding of medical skin science, the consensus seems to increasingly be leaning towards the idea that ‘less is more’.

Unlike past decades, when big beauty tycoons, multi-billion-dollar companies, and their beauty influencers wanted us to believe that a more complicated skin routine – with a plethora of complex and confusing ingredients – was the way to go, we have since realised that placing too many unnecessary chemical ingredients on our skin can do more damage than good.

There are some common denominators, that are agreed upon from all sides of the skincare and medical communities, which have been proven to be beneficial to the skin without having adverse effects.

A few of these include preferred ingredients in serum form, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, and B serum, as well as probiotics to help maintain the homeostasis of the skin’s microbiome.

In fact, modern medical science has proven that just as the microbiome within the gut is very important for one’s overall health, so too is the skin, which also has its very own microbiome – also known as a small community of beneficial bacteria that are essential for maintaining skin health and for protection against infections.

Therefore, it is not advisable to upset or interfere with the skin’s natural pH balance and its microbiome by introducing problematic or toxic ingredients.

Melissa Callingham, founder of Me+Skin, always knew that she wanted to do more with her biomedical science degree.

Having more than 25 years of skin therapy experience, she knew that this kind of knowledge would set her apart from other so-called experts in the field.

One day she was gifted a plaque by a friend that read: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. This was exactly the kind of epiphany that she needed, and these words motivated her to develop Me+Skin.

To this day, the plaque sits on her desk to remind her every day to keep moving forward with her dream and legacy.

Me+Skin skincare range

Me+Skin skincare range.

Simple skincare at the highest quality

Ms Callingham not only understands that involving too many ingredients, and especially those that are falsely ‘masked’ to be beneficial, to the skin can actually cause damage, but also adds that these products are usually overpriced.

However, Me+Skin maintains that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin.

Their products are masterfully simplistic, in that they focus on containing only the best ingredients, and promise to deliver results to the skin without having to worry about any unnecessary and harmful additives.

One of their other strategies is to not waste money on expensive and extravagant packaging, which means that the price tag ultimately benefits the customer.

They prefer to rely on their industry experience combined with biomedical expertise rather than expensive marketing strategies to gain popularity for their products.

Me+Skin not only emphasises the use of highest quality ingredients but also pays attention to the appropriate formulations for different skin types in order to achieve the best results.

It’s all about sticking to the science to produce the correct formulations and consistency for their clients.

“Having years of experience, working on all different skin types, enables me to understand how the skin responds to different combinations of ingredients. Many skincare brands say they have particular active ingredients in their products, but the actual percentage isn’t enough to make any difference to the skin,” said Ms Callingham.

“In Me+Skin, the active ingredient is present in the correct percentage and formulation for better results.

“It is a matter of quality ingredients at a reasonable price point enabling all women to afford good skincare. When you deal with Me+Skin, you are dealing directly with me. I offer free skin consultations over the phone to help assist with the purchase of the correct products.”

All of Me+Skin’s products are developed and produced in Australia, allowing Ms Callingham to retain full supervision and control over the production and formulation processes.

To begin your glowing skin journey, contact Ms Callingham and her team by emailing, visiting their website, or reaching out to them on Facebook or Instagram.

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This article was made possible thanks to Me+Skin, a skincare brand that provides superior products without the hefty price tag.

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