Health meets beauty: How to start a holistic skincare routine

Health meets beauty: How to start a holistic skin care routine

You’ve likely heard the expression “beauty starts from the inside out”, but what does that actually mean?

While feeling genuinely happy within yourself always helps us glow from the inside out, taking a holistic approach to skincare is also super important.

Holistic skincare refers to treating the skin as a coherent whole, connecting it with our mind, body and soul. To achieve that radiant shine, we must take care of each and every part of ourselves to ensure overall harmony.

Here are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to take a more holistic approach to skincare.

Get regular exercise

Exercising regulates blood flow, which can help make the skin glow and helps slow the effects of ageing.

Not only that, but exercise releases chemicals throughout our body, known as endorphins, which triggers positive feelings and make us feel euphoric. What’s not to love?

Eat a well-rounded diet

For a healthy-looking, even complexion, it’s important to get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Citrus fruits like lemon help eliminate toxins in the body and keep skin clear from breakouts and acne. Foods with Omega-3 fatty acids (sardine, salmon, walnuts, chia and flax seeds) do wonders for the skin and overall health as they contain multiple vitamins, fibres, and minerals.

Even if you’re time-poor, you can still eat a healthy diet.

Take care of your mental health

Stress can make us look drained and dull, give us dark circles, and causes skin problems such as breakouts and ageing.

Make sure you take care of your mental health, surround yourself with positive people, partake in fun hobbies, meditate, and laugh a lot!

Stick to a consistent skincare routine

It’s important to stick to products that work well for your individual skin needs and concerns.

If you have a skincare routine that’s not tailored to your skin or if you’re constantly changing your skincare routine, it can harm your skin, causing dullness, open pores, breakouts and uneven skin tone.

To avoid these issues, try following an established skincare routine, which you change only when absolutely required.


To remove dead cells and dullness, it’s important to exfoliate using the right method according to your skin type.

Before you start, you must know how to properly exfoliate skin to avoid any trouble. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean using a rough exfoliating liquid either, as this isn’t always suitable for all skin types. You could also try an exfoliating powder for your face.

Skincare is not only dependent on using the right products or getting regular facials. It’s based on what we feed ourselves — and that means our mind, soul and body.


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