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Top 11 essential factors to consider before renovating your bathroom

Top 11 essential factors to consider before renovating your bathroom


This article was made possible thanks to Bidetry, a company that sells bidets and smart toilets, in the hope to change your life.

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Renovating your bathroom may sound like an exciting idea, especially if you have a clear vision of what you want. But for a lot of homeowners, it can be more of a challenge than inspiration. 

When it comes to a bathroom renovation in your house, things need to be thought of strategically instead of on the fly. If you follow a clear strategy, the daunting task ahead will be easier – plus it’ll allow you to stick to a budget and create a satisfying job. 

To help you along the way, consider these essential factors before starting your bathroom renovation:

1. Start with a clear plan

To start off, a renovation must have a clear plan, outlining every detail of the task. Planning will get half the job done and also tell you an estimated timeline to finish the task.

It’s important to ask yourself some essential questions like:

  • Does your bathroom require more space?
  • Do you want to see some upgraded fixtures?
  • Is there a problem with the old layout?
  • Is the light accessibility enough?

There will be more critical questions if you consult with a professional or someone who has done a bathroom renovation recently. Besides, you can always look up the latest designs and layouts in lifestyle and home improvement magazines or websites.

Once all your questions are answered, decide who you’re going to assign the task to. A better idea is to categorise the tasks and assign individual service providers to each task.

2. Set a budget

One of the most vital considerations before bathroom renovation is your budget. Bathroom renovation cost is high, and you can hardly expect to do it with mid-range materials. So, be realistic while setting your budget.

If you keep a few points in mind, budgeting your bathroom renovation can be comprehensive. While budgeting:

  • Have a preliminary budget based on what information you’ve gathered
  • Be specific in selecting your desired features
  • Consult with experts or experienced people
  • Adjust your budget as necessary before starting the renovation project
  • Keep your budget intact; don’t go overboard while working on the renovation project.

After budgeting, you should get multiple quotes from the contractors or retailers to buy the necessary materials according to your design and layout. This will help you finish the project without unnerving your focus on the renovation.

3. Select the style and design

Choosing the right style and design for your bathroom can harmoniously set the tone for its space and storage. An appropriate design will add value to your bathroom.

However, landing on the right design and style can take time and effort. Innovative renovation trends are everywhere, with tonnes of state-of-the-art designs. The only way to solve this is to spend ample time browsing through these designs to find the one that resonates with you.

Remember, if you can choose the correct style for your bathroom renovation, it will be easier to choose the materials for the task.

In addition to the design, considering the cost is also crucial. There are options available for those who are looking for cheap baths. These affordable alternatives do not compromise on style and quality, ensuring that you can achieve your dream bathroom within your budget.

4. Consider storage, space, organisation

Apart from design and style, it’s essential to know how you would like to factor in space for your bathroom. A proper space measurement will help you in determining the right amount of storage and organisation required.

A smart way to do this is to add open shelves and cabinets which can house your toiletries, towels, cleaning products, and other items.

If there’s a concern with a small bathroom, go for a pedestal sink, which will give you more floor space.

What about the lighting? Did you know that installing a mirror can reflect more natural light and brighten the bathroom space even more? It can even create the illusion of spaciousness.

5. Choose fixtures and upgrade (if needed)

While planning your renovation, it’s wise to select the right fixtures for your bathroom and keep aside a budget for them. Purchasing new fixtures or upgrading them may delay your bathroom renovation process.

However, don’t hasten the purchase, as you must match the fixtures with your chosen bathroom style and design. So, browse through bathroom fixtures in the market on various ranges of designs to complement the renovation design. If your renovation involves a sandstone wall retaining, consider fixtures that harmonise with the natural aesthetics of the stone.

Check your bathtub drains, sink faucets, light fixtures and showerheads to see whether you want to replace them. If upgrades are needed, consider that too to fulfill the renovation.

6. Warm flooring is a nice touch

It’s always the cold bathroom tiles that make your feet cry out in shock. To avoid that, you can opt for an electric mat to power up the bathroom’s current heating system.

With about 45 minutes to warm up the tiles and lower walls, you can use an electric mat to remove the chill in your bathroom. It’ll make for a more pleasant experience, especially on those cold winter days.

7. Proper lighting is crucial

You may miss it, but proper lighting, along with the right space, is crucial for your renovated bathroom. All your hard work in design and organisation may go to waste if there’s no illumination to display it properly.

With proper lighting, even a small bathroom can look warm to the eyes. So, when choosing the right lighting, consider their types.

Check out the good wall sconces, hanging lights, flush mounts, and the others in the market. Installing the right lights will smoothly resonate with your bathroom’s new look.

Moreover, go for ambient lighting to give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

8. Is an artistic touch your thing?

Adding an artistic touch to your bathroom renovation can help you go the extra mile. Even if you’re not into art, having a little garnish can only enhance your bathroom makeover.

Nonetheless, there are issues you should consider before ornamenting your bathroom walls with sketches or wallpapers. Problems like steam factor or humidity can ruin the art.

But following some tricks can help you solve these problems. First off, don’t hang any precious original pieces of art on your bathroom wall. They’ll catch steam quickly.

You may want to consider some wood mount paintings to keep your bathroom walls shining.

Or try getting canvas art with a latex-coating finish and a completely sealed backside. This not only prevents steam problems but also adds to the bathroom makeover greatly.

9. Find and select the right contractor

Entrusting your vision to a contractor can be unnerving, but it’s what you ultimately have to do unless you’re a professional yourself. 

What should you look for in a contractor for your bathroom renovation project? See to it that the contractor:

  • Has a long-standing experience in bathroom renovation projects
  • Can produce reliable recommendations from past work orders
  • Can show proof of timely project accomplishments
  • Is clear about their roles and responsibilities in the renovation, such as what specific tasks they’ll be doing
  • Is ready to work based on your budget, including their proper estimation of required and possible costs involved.

If you now understand how essential it is to get a good contractor, look for one to get your renovation job done.

10. You may require a permit

You should check whether you’re required to start your bathroom renovation with a permit in place. If your apartment shares a corporate body, you might need a permit or prior permission.

This will obviously depend on the place you’re living in, as the regulations may differ. As such, be sure to research your local authorities to determine whether a permit is necessary for your renovation job.

Conversely, if your house is a free-standing type, you most likely won’t require a permit. But be sure to check anyway, as it’s your responsibility to find all the information relevant regarding permissions for your bathroom renovation.

11. A proper timeline can be beneficial

Your timeline is one of the crucial parts of your planning, so set a realistic time frame to finish your bathroom renovation. Overlapping individual tasks may get in the way if any unexpected delays occur in your project.

Allow extra time for hiccups and prepare ahead with a contingency plan. Possible issues like accidents, shortage of materials, sickness, roadblocks, and so on should be considered.

Consult with your contractor about the timeline if you plan on completing the bathroom renovation within a short period to get realistic advice on timelines.

Final thoughts

Home renovations can boost your mental health, even if it’s only your bathroom. And it can be easier if you consider the above 11 factors.

To recap, key takeaways include:

  • Planning well ahead of time, including details of the renovation project;
  • Focusing on ample space, storage, and organisation;
  • Selecting the appropriate design and style;
  • Having a strong calculation to get the renovation done within budget;
  • Getting necessary permits;
  • Hiring a reliable contractor, and
  • Setting the right timeline.

Finally, put your well-versed plan into action, work patiently, and your desired bathroom makeover is sure to be successful. 


This article was made possible thanks to Bidetry, a company that sells bidets and smart toilets, in the hope to change your life.

Learn more at