A guide to the best hot springs, spas and bathhouses in Victoria

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

If you’re feeling stressed and burnt out, consider adding bathing to your health rituals to seek some relief.

An ancient practice used by many cultures for thousands of years for its health benefits of cleansing and relaxation, bathing is now experiencing a revival and was one of the top 10 wellness trends of the past year, as listed by the Global Wellness Summit.

Many studies have shown the health benefits that can come from bathing. A 2017 RMIT University study showed bathing in hot springs significantly relieved severe back pain, arthritis, injury, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

There is no shortage of bathhouses or hot springs destinations in Victoria, with many new bathing venues having opened over the past year. Victoria is also working on its vision to be the bathing destination of Australia, with many locations opening for the emerging Great Victorian Bathing Trail.

Whether you’re in the city or travelling to regional Victoria, there is sure to be a venue nearby to soak away your cares and worries.

Here are some of the latest openings where you can enjoy bathing therapies in Victoria.

Aurora Spa and Bathhouse
Aurora Spa and Bathhouse
Aurora Spa and Bathhouse

Aurora Spa and Bathhouse

This new European inspired bathhouse is housed within the InterContinental Hotel in Sorrento.

As soon as you walk into Aurora Spa and Bathhouse, the decor and design means you instantly feel like you’re in Europe, and you’ll be able to experience a series of hot and cold evidence based remedies.

You can go from the 36-degree magnesium rich waters of the Daydream Mineral Pool to the magnesium float room for an effortless float to release your stresses and worries. Then, sweat it out in the Nordic Sauna, believed to be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Your booking gives you 90 minutes to enjoy these experiences at your own pace, or you can go on a “bathing ritual” consisting of a ten-step immersive bathing journey.

You can also experience the Glacial Mist room, which replicates alpine-like conditions, much like a post-sauna roll in the snow. The Halotherapy room, which mimics the microclimate of a salt cove, claims to be beneficial for respiratory conditions, reducing stress and anxiety and boosting immunity.

After bathing, you can top off your self-care by indulging in one of Aurora’s spa treatments including massages, wraps, and facials. There is also a one-hour private salt float session, which boasts the benefits equivalent to four hours of sleep.

The Himalayan Sound and Stone Massage is highly recommended. It is a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with long, rhythmic massage strokes timed with a carefully curated healing soundtrack and warm Himalayan pink salt stones. If you have trouble winding down, the strokes and sounds of this massage will lull you to sleep.

Another outstanding feature of Aurora Spa and Bathhouse is its apothecary salt station. Select your own botanical and salt mixture, and other beneficial products, to continue a quality bathing ritual at home.

Aurora Spa and Bathhouse: 23 Constitution Hill Rd, Sorrento, Victoria.

Images courtesy of Aurora Spa and Bathhouse.

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa
Alba Thermal Springs and Spa
Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa opened in October 2022 on the Mornington Peninsula and is a luxury wellness sanctuary – you’ll notice this as soon as you enter and will immediately feel grounded by the stone architectural design and surroundings.

Your bathing session includes all-day bathing throughout the property of 31 pools, so you can take your time to spend the whole day there, focusing on recharging yourself.

The recommendation is to start with a dip in the geo-thermal pools. They are set out over the landscaped gardens with a pleasant trail that you walk through to get to each pool. Walking up the hill, you will discover that each pool is uniquely designed. Some have a towering view of the spa property and beyond, while others are set among a flowering meadow. There are pools created with intimacy in mind, such as The Shell, and some that are more open and social.

When you reach the Hemisphere, you will find a sauna, a geothermal pool and a cold plunge pool, should you wish to take advantage of the health benefits of contrast therapy.

Following your bath, you may add to your wellness journey by indulging in one of their spa treatments, such as a facial, body, or water-based treatment.

Finally, top off a day of self-care by nourishing yourself at the Thyme restaurant which offer light and healthy meals to suit the bathing and spa experiences you just enjoyed.

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa: 282 Browns Rd, Fingal, Victoria.

Images courtesy Alba Thermal Springs and Spa.

About Time Bathhouse
About Time Bathhouse
About Time Bathhouse

About Time Bathhouse

About Time is a new bathhouse that will open in Torquay at the end of summer 2023.

It will offer a welcoming venue to relax and recover for those who go hiking, surf, or engage in other activities in the area.

The bathhouse was created by Little Company, Still Beauty, and Carlton footballer Ed Curnow. Facials from Little Company and signature massages from Still Beauty will be available in addition to the bathhouse facilities.

The bathhouse has also been inspired by ancient techniques and rituals such as those from Europe. They encourage visitors to move through the different pools and plunges in various sequences to create a tailored experience to restore, relax and rejuvenate.

You can take advantage of the comprehensive range of rituals, including indoor and outdoor magnesium pools, cold plunge pools, ice baths, infrared and Finnish saunas, and steam rooms.

With these facilities, you will be able to indulge in and benefit from hot and cold contrast therapy with ease.

About Time Bathhouse: 27 Baines Cres, Torquay, Victoria.

Images (renders) courtesy of About Time Bathhouse.

Metung Hot Springs
Metung Hot Springs
Metung Hot Springs

Metung Hot Springs

This hot spring destination is the sister spring to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs.

Located four hours from Melbourne and surrounded by the Gippsland Lakes, Metung Hot Springs offers outstanding features, including the ability to sleep among the springs and enjoy Australia’s first hot springs golf course resort.

The geothermal waters come from a well 500 metres below the ground, and the water is infused with natural minerals and trace elements that detoxify the body and provide other health benefits.

You can purchase a one-hour or all-day pass allowing unlimited access to the Bathing Ridge area only. The other option is a pass that grants complete access to Hilltop Escarpment and Bathing Ridge.

At Bathing Ridge, you can bathe with picturesque clifftop views of Lake King. You can enjoy the sauna pool, a cold plunge pool, massaging showers, a viewing deck with views of Ninety Mile beach, and a cafe. There are also massage chairs to enjoy, that you can tap and pay for, with no booking required.

The second area is the Hilltop Escarpment. You can plop yourself in one of their bathing barrels and enjoy panoramic views of Gippsland Lakes. It also features a stargazing pool to enjoy on those balmy summer nights.

Metung Hot Springs offers safari-style glamping accommodation with private geothermal bathing barrels on the balconies. Set over 25 acres overlooking Lake King, this will help you to switch off and reconnect with yourself and nature.

At the Metung Country Club nearby, you can have a round of golf before unwinding at the hot springs, or take the opportunity to experience Larn’wa Aboriginal Lore wellness rituals at the day spa.

Metung Hot Springs: 73 Storth Ryes Ave, Metung, Victoria.

Images courtesy of Metung Hot Springs.

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