5 craft hobbies to combat anxiety

5 craft hobbies to combat anxiety

Everyone experiences some level of anxiety, but for some people, experiencing it every day can be crippling.

Your brain chemistry may be more sensitive to stressful situations and therefore you could experience higher levels of anxiety or other mental health issues.

If meditation isn’t your thing, it might be time to get a little creative in the ways you help reduce the effects of anxiety.

When the telltale symptoms happen again, use these five crafty hobbies to help deal with anxiety. Not only will your mental health thank you but you’ll also gain new skills and add a slice of fun to your day!

1. Knit a blanket

Knitting is no longer just for grandmas and nannas!

This relaxing practice doesn’t require expensive supplies or years of experience, which is what makes it so accessible.

Simply watch a quick video on the knit and purl stitches to get caught up. Cast on enough stitches to make a wide blanket or something small.

You’ll have hours to focus on the repetitive stitching motions, taking your mind away from bigger concerns.

Focusing on repetitive motions helps you let go of anxiety and is used as a form of meditation. As your skill grows, you can jump into more extensive projects for fun or when life gets challenging again.

Don’t worry about finishing the project or making it look perfect – the only purpose is to help you feel better when anxiety takes over your mind.

2. Decorate your planner

Anxiety manifests when people feel a loss of control. It stems from the fear of not knowing how to take care of yourself or your loved ones.

Even if there’s nothing you can do about your situation, switching off can help ease your mind and offer a clearer perspective. So, grab some craft supplies and decorate your planner!

Highlighting and placing stickers around upcoming holidays or personal events will switch your focus to things you can look forward to. You’ll remind yourself that there are other things in your control and you’ll figure your way out of whatever’s going on.

3. Make a face mask

Enjoy a spa treatment without the expensive salon fees by making a face mask at home. Use whatever essential oils you prefer and add a few extra ingredients for deeper nourishment.

Mixing glycerine with your main ingredients will improve your skin’s barrier by guiding new cells to the surface. Consider what every component can do for your body before applying the face mask and even use everyday kitchen supplies like avocado, banana, oats, and turmeric for your DIY mask.

Applying a face mask forces you to slow down, be patient, and still, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. It’s also a great way to remind yourself to take a break.

Overextending yourself could prompt your anxiety, so practice self-care to feel immediate relief.

This super relaxing hobby will literally lower your heart rate

4. Sew an anxiety doll

Releasing stress through physical activity is sometimes the easiest way to defeat anxiety. When you can’t go to a gym or don’t want to exercise, an anxiety doll will come in handy.

Trace the outline of your doll in felt and sew it closed after stuffing it with filling.

Direct your stress through the doll by punching, squeezing, or bending it – similar to a stress ball. Hit it against your bed or the couch.

Physical exertion relieves anxiety through a safe outlet. It’s a quick craft with lasting effects, but you can also make a new one whenever you need to.

5. Create scented bath bombs

Anxiety might paralyse your limbs or send you into spiraling thoughts. If you want to process everything by working through things in your mind, create scented bath bombs and pop one in a hot bath whenever you need help relaxing.

There are many recipes for bath bombs that you can make in minutes, but carefully consider which essential oil you’ll add.

If you pick lavender, recent research proves it creates a calming effect without sedation or dependence. Dissolve the oil in your bath so the steaming aroma eases your mind while the water takes any remaining tension from your muscles.

Try craft hobbies to combat anxiety

When you don’t know how to handle your turbulent thoughts and emotions, try these five creative handcraft ideas to combat anxiety.

You’ll find new hobbies that improve your mental health and even keep stress at bay well after your inner peace returns.


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