5 simple steps to banish fear for good

5 simple steps to banish fear for good

Fear can locks you into negativity, creating shock, anxiety, stress, and worry. It can inhibit change and make you lose your energy, life force and clarity.

Fear sabotages your efforts by constantly creating setbacks, so that you feel powerless. Fear also creates a sense of separation, vulnerability and concern that someone else has the power to hurt you.

It is easy to become stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response when dealing with difficult news. The longer you allow yourself to stay in an anxious state, the weaker you become and it’s easier to give your power to someone else.

To face your fear is to awaken your courage and an ability to make powerful decisions in your life, which can help you to overcome some of your greatest challenges.

Let’s take a look at five key ways to banish fear for good:

1. Don’t feed the fear

A wise teacher once shared this with me: doubt the doubt.

We can do that by looking at any situation that meets you with more objectivity. Try to see the situation as if you were looking at it from a point of view of a wise friend.

2. Face your fear

Ask yourself what’s the worst and best thing that could happen if you faced this fear. Sometimes just by confronting what you fear allows it to dissipate in its intensity.

3. Take action

Ask yourself: what steps can you take today to make this situation better? Use the fear to awaken your courage and become stronger.

Understanding Modern Spirituality by Inna Segal.

Understanding Modern Spirituality by Inna Segal.

4. Think about outcomes

Ask yourself: what do you want to happen and then focus intensely on what it is that you want to create, whether it’s better health, relationships, finances etc.

Focus on what it would look like and feel like if you felt healthier, communicated better, allowed more abundance in, and so on.

The idea is to not focus on the how it would happen, but on being able to receive it energetically first.

5. Try the fear release process whenever you feel fear

To do this, place your hands on the part of your body where you feel fear most intensely. Breathe into this area for a few moments while allowing any emotion to rise to the surface with little resistance.

Imagine that fear has a shape, a colour, and a voice. Try to imagine it in as much detail as you can. Ask it what it wants you to understand and what gift it has for you.

Once you have received the gift, thank the fear. Say: “I no longer need you. I no longer choose to carry you inside me. I choose to free myself and become my loving self”.

Imagine that the fear is like a black or grey ball of energy. Imagine placing the fear into a purple fire and watching it burn. Focus on seeing yourself courageously moving through life.

Repeat this process whenever fear arises.

We live in a time where we are being asked to develop the ability to turn our fears into our greatest opportunities. We need to take charge of our lives and develop the bravery to walk away from people, situations and experiences that limit our ability to live and love fully.

Inna Segal

This article was written by Inna Segal.

She is a bestselling, award-winning author of several books and cards about wellness and healing. Her new book, Understanding Modern Spirituality (Rockpool Publishing) is out now. Purchase a copy here.