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6 simple habits to boost your job satisfaction every day

6 simple habits to boost your job satisfaction every day

On a scale of ‘you dread turning your computer on’ to ‘you love it so much you’d do it for free’, how satisfied are you with your job?

Hopefully somewhere in the middle or above, though there are practical things you can do to increase your job satisfaction.

But before diving into those happiness-boosting habits, it’s important to understand what makes you satisfied with your job.

It goes beyond getting along with your co-workers and liking your tasks — it’s also about your level of mental preparation and performance.

What makes you satisfied with your job?

“Professionals who are mentally prepared are proven to have higher job satisfaction because they usually perform better due to that preparation,” said performance coach Keith Hodges, who regularly trains professional athletes.

“The ability to see challenges as an opportunity for growth, manage distractions, and be able to respond to criticism by performing better are elite characteristics all professionals should strive to possess,” he said.

It turns out the average worker can take a cue from elite athletes when it comes to increasing job satisfaction by stepping up their game.

“Athletes practice every day, hold themselves accountable, study films, scouting reports, get proper rest and develop pre-game routines that prepare them to perform at the highest level,” Hodges said.

“Professionals should do the same in their respective field.”

Plus, deepening your level of engagement and holding yourself to a high standard has a positive impact on organisational culture, so you could also end up boosting the quality of your work environment by cultivating your own day-to-day satisfaction.

“Spend some time getting to know your co-workers, be encouraging, never settle and hold yourself to a higher standard,” Hodges said.

“It’s infectious and will help create or maintain a championship culture.”

Here are six daily habits to boost your job satisfaction:

1. Practise gratitude

Practising gratitude leads to higher satisfaction whether you win or lose, according to Hodges.

“Be thankful for the opportunity to perform at a high level every day,” Hodges said.

“Be thankful that you are part of an organisation, because everyone doesn’t have that opportunity, especially since the pandemic. A grateful mindset will bleed into all areas of your life, and you will find yourself being happier in the midst of turmoil.”

2. Stay competitive

“Set performance goals and do whatever it takes (ethically) to achieve those goals,” Hodges said.

“Individuals who are in love with this process usually have the highest performance in a professional and athletic environment.”

Embracing a healthy competitive spirit means continually setting goals and getting out of your comfort zone to avoid the trap of complacency. But don’t forget to celebrate your achievements along the way.

“If you’re really competitive, you can easily find yourself unsettled and unhappy at times because you’re never satisfied,” he said.

“So, soak in what you’ve achieved! Reset and set new goals to feed your competitive fervor.”

3. Embrace failure and feedback

You won’t win all battles on your path to success. But it’s who you become in the process of dealing with setbacks and embracing negative feedback that ends up boosting your job satisfaction.

“It’s not easy failing time and time again,” Hodges said.

“Most people quit or don’t try as hard to ease the pain of failing. It is discouraging, especially when you try your best. However, if you keep trying and expecting a different result, then you will eventually succeed.”

And while criticism can sting too, using it to fuel your drive is a strategy that can help you grow, which ultimately leads to more fulfillment.

“It will take discipline and mental toughness to accept sometimes harsh critique with an open mind while keeping your emotions in check,” he said.

“But individuals who are able to do this grow the most.”

4. Celebrate others

Celebrating and supporting others is also a simple yet powerful job-satisfaction-boosting habit.

“Being a great teammate is so important. Celebrate others’ success as if they were yours,” Hodges said.

“If you’re part of the right team, someone else’s success is your success, because everyone has a hand in it.”

5. Live with integrity

Eroding your integrity is a surefire way to decrease your career fulfillment.

“You should avoid anything that compromises your moral or personal code of ethics at all costs, because you have to live with yourself,” Hodges said.

It’s important to ask yourself daily whether your actions at work are in line with your values, if you want to be more fulfilled and content.

6. Play the long game

Even when your job satisfaction is at an all-time high, there will be bad days. It would be toxic to aim to be happy and positive all the time. So you don’t want to deny the normal range of your human emotions or invalidate your experiences. Having a longer-term vision will allow you to develop resilience when the going gets tough.

“There will be days when you question yourself, wondering if you’re cut out for the job. Those are normal emotions everyone goes through,” Hodges said.

“There will also be days where things just are not going right even when you’re prepared. But how you respond in the face of adversity is what matters.

“Keeping your head in the game and not allowing negative emotions to get the best of you is championship quality. It transforms an average professional into an elite one.”


This article was originally published on The Ladders.

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