Women in business: Meet Pearl Chan, founder of Resparkle

Women in business: Meet Pearl Chan of Resparkle

Inspired to make a difference in people’s lives every day, Pearl Chan created an eco-friendly cleaning product range. This is her story.

Before launching her range of eco-friendly cleaning products, Pearl Chan led a fulfilling, busy life as a corporate professional, yet she felt like something was missing.

Despite a successful career as both a private banker and creative agency head, Chan felt a burning desire to do something that could help protect the planet.

Certain that she had more to accomplish, Chan set out to create a business that had positive impacts on the world, and better aligned with her career values.

“I wanted to start a business that could make a difference in people’s lives, so it had to be something they used every day,” she said.

Having personally experienced adverse reactions to harsh cleaning products, Chan was shocked to discover how many chemicals and unnatural ingredients they contained.

This inspired her journey to create Resparkle, a line of eco-friendly, zero waste and organic cleaning products.

Resparkle is the culmination of Chan’s journey to remove harmful chemicals from her own home, and her commitment to cutting down on plastic and reducing her carbon footprint to leave a better world for the next generation.

Designing for a cleaner planet

When Chan first started research for her business, she quickly realised that mainstream cleaning products contain up to 90 per cent water, diluting the active ingredients and requiring excessively bulky, plastic packaging to safely store and transport the liquid solutions.

The manufacturing, transport, and disposal of plastic has devastating impacts on the environment, which Chan saw as a design problem and an opportunity for innovation.

Resparkle hopes to create meaningful change by making sustainability an easy, attractive, and accessible choice for everyday cleaning.

Not only do Resparkle products care for the environment, but they also have a strong social and community development focus.

Ingredients are sourced from local businesses where possible, and much of the packing and filling of the cleaning products are contracted to a local social enterprise that creates employment pathways for people with disability.

All Resparkle products are made locally in Melbourne, from ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and sustainable ingredients that have been vigorously tested for effectiveness and safety.

Resparkle products are allergy friendly and without any irritating fragrances or colours, making it an easy choice for even the fussiest of customers.

Resparkle product range
Resparkle product range
Resparkle product range

Towards zero plastic

The first iteration of Resparkle included a line of cleaning products made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

The cleverly designed packaging contained minimal amounts of plastic, with refills available in plastic-free packets to avoid the need to repurchase full size bottles.

After having a child and experiencing the tumultuous year of 2020, Chan took the disruption to normal life as an opportunity to pause and reflect on where her business was heading.

This period of reflection inspired her to create a new range of completely plastic-free cleaning materials.

This was accomplished by formulating concentrated cleaning powders that are mixed with water at home, making a small but mighty product that can be manufactured and transported at less cost to the environment.

The lack of water in the products also means they can be safely packaged in plastic-free materials, offering a completely waste-free household cleaning experience.

These products are highly concentrated in the active cleaning ingredient, offering a healthy, eco-friendly cleaning solution that offers great value thanks to the small amount required per usage.

“I truly believe there is power in the small, everyday choices,” said Chan.

“Resparkle is a viable, sustainable and gorgeous alternative to traditional home cleaning products that we hope will help turn the tide on plastic while helping to reverse climate change.”

Meet Pearl Chan of Resparkle

Big change starts with a single step

Chan’s advice to those wanting to make a change, be that in their career or their journey to be more sustainable, is to take it one step at a time, make conscious and mindful decisions, and never underestimate the collective impact of small changes.

“There is no magic formula to wake up one day successful or having changed the planet,” said Chan.

“Looking at the whole picture of the environment can feel very overwhelming, and make you wonder ‘how can one person save the planet?’ I think the answer is by making your first small step.”

Chan also recognises the value in transferable skills when considering a career change. Her background in finance and marketing equipped her with impressive problem solving and analytic skills, and further developed her natural curiosity and inquisitive nature.

“In my childhood, my parents tell me my favourite word was ‘why’?

“As an adult, my favourite words are ‘why not’?”

Resparkle’s line of eco-friendly cleaning items are available online, with an option to subscribe for regular deliveries so you never have to worry about running out or rushing to the store to buy a less natural or sustainable option.

Emma Lennon

Emma Lennon

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