For women who are navigating life without children, SHE DEFINED shares news, comment and analysis on being child-free.

Penny Rabarts and Jo Vraca of UnRipe Community podcast

UnRipe Community podcast opens discussion about child-free and childless women

A new podcast explores the complexities of what it’s like to be a woman that is child-free by choice or childless by circumstance.

Olive by Emma Gannon - image by Harper Collins

Olive by Emma Gannon: a vital book for child-free women

Emma Gannon’s novel Olive opens a much-needed conversation about a woman navigating the complexities of being child-free by choice.

I’m undecided about having children and it’s making me anxious

I’m 30, undecided about having children, and it’s making me anxious

To have children or not? That is the question that has been consuming my thoughts and feeling undecided about having a baby is making me anxious.