6 mental health podcasts to boost your mood during COVID-19

6 mental health podcasts to boost your mood during COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been a stressful and turbulent time for many of us, and it’s safe to say its impact on global mental health will be ongoing.

From adjusting to a ‘new normal’ which has included everything from getting through social distancing isolation, facing job insecurity, and tackling social anxiety as restrictions ease, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster for anyone.

As Australians look to flatten the mental health curve, Acast has pulled together a wrap up of the best mental health podcasts to get listeners through the bad times and the good. 

Tune into some of these podcasts to boost your mood:

Owning It - The Anxiety Podcast

1. Owning it: The Anxiety Podcast

It’s time to tackle anxiety and own it. In the Irish produced series, Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast, best-selling author and mental health butt-kicker, Caroline Foran hands listeners all the tools they need to get on top of their anxiety. From balancing finances, to having a baby, and running a business, Caroline has practical tools and techniques for everyone. Therapy for the ears, the relaxed expert series takes the shame out of anxiety. In light of recent events, Caroline’s latest episodes deal with the anxiety of working from home and missing loved ones.

Listen to Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

Wiser Conversations Together At Home podcast

2. Wiser Conversations: Together At Home

There’s nothing like an in-depth fireside conversation to ease one’s pandemic woes. In this New Zealand made series, Wiser Conversations, listeners are immersed in sage and powerful conversations exploring ideas of psychology and spirituality during these times of uncertainty. Proving that podcasting has no borders, the series features conversations recorded from around the globe which seek to answer the big questions we are all facing in the wake of 2020 chaos.

Listen to Wiser Conversations: Together at Home

Better Than Yesterday podcast

3. Better Than Yesterday with Osher Gunsberg

He’s one of the nation’s most beloved pop culture treasures. But beyond Australian Idol and The Bachelor, Osher Gunsberg is a staunch advocate for mental health and wellbeing, a topic which takes centre stage in his podcast Better Than Yesterday. Over more than 300 episodes, Osher has deep dived into candid conversations with thought leaders, politicians and other Aussie celebs as they seek to encourage us to make our tomorrow better than today.

Listen to Better Than Yesterday with Osher Gunsberg

The Art of Decluttering podcast

4. The Art of Decluttering

It might be winter, but our wellbeing is already in need of a spring clean. Aussie professional organisers Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia led the charge to make minimalism cool. Beyond teaching listeners how to rejig their storage woes, the ladies challenge their listeners to let go of material attachment and declutter the unnecessary pains and stressors of their lives.

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If You Don't Mind podcast

5. If You Don’t Mind

Twenty-something Sydney-based mental health advocate, Madelaine Cherrington, is calling time on dated rhetoric. Madelaine thinks that we need to start having more honest and varied conversations about mental illness. In fortnightly episodes, Madelaine shares the podcast mic with everyday Australians. Her brave guests share their empowering stories, in a hope to destigmatise the conversations we have about mental health.

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Lemonade with Elizabeth Anile podcast

6. Lemonade

If life is all lemons, how does one really turn it into lemonade? Halfway through each week, host of Lemonade, Elizabeth Anile, gives her pod listeners a Hump Day dose of inspiration and affirmation. Titled ‘The Midweek Squeeze’ the mini-series aims to help listeners juice the most from life’s lemons, diving into tips, lessons and learnings. From self-care strategies to mindfulness tools, Lemonade’s Midweek Squeeze separates the wellness woo-woo from the mental health necessities.

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